Sunday, December 28, 2008


Lucky Luke says 'next shots on JeansMusicBlog'

Possible articles in the near future.

None really scheduled.
As I explained ya end last year I wanna reconsider my Blog's future : CLOSE or go on.

Edit 2008_october_10
I changed the date of this posting from 2007_dec to 2008_march to 2008_june to 2008_september to 2008_december...

How long will I postpone this posting/article ?
Depends on the number and quality of the comments folks !

Edit 2008_december_26
As you will have noticed I didn't postpone this posting/article anymore.
Lately I didn't wrote much anymore, presented mainly just some music....
The end must be near....

Hi Jean!

Sorry I haven't visited in a while (boy, it's been a long time!), but I haven't been online as much as I would like.

Well, just like last year when I left a comment, I guess you're re-considering whether you should keep blogging or not. I was glad you kept blogging when you were thinking about stopping before, and I hope you keep blogging now, but either way, know that people really appreciate your efforts, insights, music, and writing.

I know blogging can be a pretty thankless job. A lot of people download music, but few leave many comments. This happens at even the most popular blogs. (I'm lucky if I get a handful of comments on most of my posts at my blog.) But despite the thankless nature and all the work involved, I hope you decide to stay.

Well, either way, good wishes from your pal,

Nomwl1 :))
(You Don't Have To Visit This Blog)
Thankless...yes...but enough folks are listening to some of your favorite music, and so even if they don't post a comment, at least your a passing this great stuff on...
That's how I try to justify my blogging...
I only just discovered this blog and it's a bloody goldmine! I knew nothing about Gene Vincent until I came here and now I'm so into his work. And thats just the tip of the iceberg for me.

Whether you you decide to leave or continue, thats you'r own perogitive and I do respect you'r choice. I would just like to give a heartfelt thanx for all of the great material to be found here.

Uncle Moe
I'm happy that you continue this Blog. I really love this site. And I'm very happy to read here . keep on doing this nice work.
Thanks a lot
Like Biber62 said i´m very happy that you continue with this blog and I hope you can put a lot more of Popcorn music on your site.
I know that it costs a lot of energy to keep this blog running.
Thank you very much to give us this fantastic music.

Hallo Jean,

Zeer interessant blog. Ik heb The Shadows' "Early Years" nooit ergens kunnen kopen dus bedankt!

Groeten uit Australie
Hi Jean

Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for all the wonderful music posted on your blog. I've spent the last couple of hours leafing through the archives... So much great music and so little time!

I've been looking for some Garnet Mimms for some time, and there it is in Nov 07 - so a special thankyou for that - I hope you continue this great resource.

Best Regards
(London, UK)
Hi Jean,
I would Just like to go along with everybody else and thank you for such a fantastic blog site.I much appreciate all the great work that you do and hope that you can manage to continue,
Regards Ray (Australia)
I've visited your blog a couple time in the last few months. It is a veritable goldmine! Not so much because of the musis, but the other tibits of information you relay. I hope you keep it going for at least a short while more, as I haven't finished reading all your posts yet!
hi jean , ongelooflijk goede blog . Ben er per ongeluk op terechtgekomen en als fervente popcorn liefhebber kan ik maar een ding zeggen WOOOOW. hopelijk vind je de tijd en het geduld om er mee door te gaan want je maakt veel muziekliefhebbers gelukkig. KEEP ON GOING MAN.
hi jean !
Haha die 200000 bezoekers zijn bereikt. Volgende doelstelling ? 300000????? Wie weet is dit de stimulans voor jou om er mee door te gaan en ons allen te laten mee genieten van je 'efforkes' Mijn dagelijkse bezoek op je blog is een heel heel klein deel in het succes van jouw site. succes er mee en doe zo verder. KEEP ON GOING!
I've been here a couple of times and really enjoy your blog, not because I can download music (goodness! I already have enough music to listen to non stop for a month, I don't need more) but because of the new things I learn about the artists. If you want to stop, that's your business, but I have enjoyed reading all your archived posts.
One more thing, from what I read, you started this blog for fun, as much as I would love to continue reading your posts, don't continue if it's a burden. For everything there is a season.
Keld / copenhagen
You're still here ? ( 6 dec -08 )
well so am i !
there is still many things to do in your blog beside music !
to tell your "people" about how to see the world and look behind the music
Been throgh your blog many times still found something new to look over in others places
an idea!! what about the the german pop music from the late '40's to start of the '60's It's was strong in northern europe before the uk/ us boom started ( in scandinavia always on top of the hit list in that time like peter kraus / conny frobess freddy queen lolita m.m. )
Too slow down YES bot to give up NO !!

As I have said before, I have enjoyed your blog and always thanked you for your time taken. I know others don't and never will (such is society today). Our musical tastes are not too different and you have given me some nice pieces that I have never heard before, so for that I thank you.
I know that you have pushed the shut down date back a few times but if you are no longer enjoying the blog then you must do what you feel is right for you and no one else. It has been nice meeting you and if you don't go any further then I wish you all the best in whatever future project you do decide to go with.

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