Monday, December 31, 2007


Please report dead links or suggestions

I'm not a 'top' poster. My readers are not 'top' downloaders. Fine with me, but after a while links will be gone if there are no downloads within certain days.
I just cannot check every week if all links are still available/working.
So please report in the comment over here if links are not working anymore so I can 'repair' them. I will not publish your comment here.
With your help it will keep my Blog neat, clean and enjoyable to read.

If you have other remarks the comment section here (or in the topic itself) is the 'place to be'.
Note I moderate comments. So if you wish a comment not to be made open in public I don't publish it.

Thanks in advance.

The 2006_04_10 Peter, Paul & Mary in concert question is solved.
Visiting here was like going to Blackpool with all the Illuminations alight, but no one else around. I shall return some other time and hope to catch the shops open.
Jim, don't quite understand what you mean.
Suppose you don't notice 'clickable links' on the mainpages of the Blog.
All the shops are open when you open their 'comment doors'.
You have to copy/paste the link given there to your browser-url.
Hope this is what's your remark is about. Otherwise let me know over here.
What a great blog! I enjoy every minute I spend in your vast archive of music & information. Please, don´t stop posting.
OMG, I only discovered this blog last week!
What a pity my visits are going to last long as I can read the end is near.

Marvelous what you did for others here!

I give you a triple A for this. :)

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