Monday, December 03, 2007


Sunday 200 visitors and no one commented

Since I installed a counter my daily visitor average is 119. This number is growing.
Yesterday, sunday, I had 199 visitors (I don't check the number of downloads) and over 300 'page views'.
No one (non, zero, niente) commented .......
Come on guys and dolls.
In them fifties and sixties we were friendly to each other. Are you just like your children ?
Quickly take what you can get (if possible even yesterday...) and don't talk/write about it, not even a simple thank you ?

Hi. Thanks for your work. I visit most days & recently downloaded the Ruth Brown/Clyde McPhatter & also the Bruce Chanel album. Thanks again
I am another that visits on a regular basis, about 1 or 2 times a week and enjoy your posts.

I have downloaded a couple of things but always leave a comment.

Thanks again

Thanks for sharing all the joys and passion of music. Your site is great. I'm sure all the people who visit it are appreciative but human nature is such that they don't bother to show their appreciation.

I can understand that you are disappointed. And I must say sorry for myself and have to apologize.

I also had a page where people can download, I close it after I found out, that people only take but never give, even not a warm "Thank you" - very poor.
I wanna say Thank you to you, for great work and nice sharing. You do a pretty good job. :-))
Keep on rockin'
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