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Today 1938 Chas Chandler was born

Today 1938 Bryan James "Chas" Chandler was born in the Heaton district of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.
He began his career playing bass guitar in a trio with Alan Price. After vocalist Eric Burdon, joined them, the group was renamed The Animals and became one of the most successful R&B bands of the 1960s. Chandler's most famous bass lines are the opening foundation riffs of their 1965 hits We Gotta Get Out of This Place and It's My Life. Chandler was also the most prominent of the group's backing vocalists and did occasional songwriting with Burdon.
After the group split up in late 1966, Chandler reinvented himself, becoming manager of Jimi Hendrix and recruiting other musicians to form The Jimi Hendrix Experience. He also produced their first two albums.
Chas Chandler died of a heart condition in Newcastle in 1996_july_17, days after performing his final solo show.

You know me by now. An all-time greatest hits album you already will have ? O no... This reunion album (in my opinion back to their 'bluesy' roots) is the one !!
Animals - Before we were so rudely interupted 1977_08

01-Brother Bill (last clean shirt)
02-Its all over now baby blue
03-Fire in the sun
04-As the crow files
05-Please send me someone to love
06-Many rivers to cross
07-Just a little bit
08-Riverside county
09-Lonely Avenue
10-The fool

Cut 11 years after the Animals' original lineup recorded their last LP and six years before their more well-remembered reunion tour, this oft-overlooked album is just short of a lost classic; it lacks the intensity of their 1983 studio effort, Ark, but it is more substantial musically than that album and fits in very neatly with their preceding work, as though they'd scarcely skipped a beat. Recorded under the auspices of the late Chas Chandler's Barn Productions, the album was highlighted by a dramatically bluesy rendition of It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, boasting superb playing by Alan Price. Hilton Valentine's soaring guitar pyrotechnics light up Fire on the Sun, perhaps the flashiest performance of his career for this most introspective of '60s British blues axemen, and As the Crow Flies has the group returning to its roots, as a dark, brooding rendition of the Jimmy Reed song that gives room for Chandler, Valentine, Price, and John Steel to show off their '60s-era blues chops in a more expansive form. After a promising start, the gospel number Many Rivers to Cross falls apart a bit, but Just a Little Bit, with its rippling organ break, the group original Riverside County, and the pounding finale, The Fool, make the rest of side two eminently enjoyable, although, coming out in the midst of the punk and disco booms, the LP never had a chance to be heard by more than the most dedicated fans (like me).

I think enough reason to go on further in the comment section.

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