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Tomorrow 1985 Ricky Nelson died

Tomorrow New Years Eve 1985 Ricky Nelson died. You can read a lot about him in that famous internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Ricky is so well know by his famous hit Hello Mary Lou, written by Gene Pitney. Other songs include Teen Age Idol, Fools Rush In and It's Up to You.
But here I want to present ya his first 2 albums. In my country it was released just later on by Imperial with the same front cover but different back sleeves.

Nelson, Ricky - Ricky 1957_10
_Imperial LP 9048

02-Boppin' The Blues
03-Be-Bop Baby
04-Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
05-Teenage Doll
06-If You Can't Rock Me
07-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
08-Baby I'm Sorry
09-Am I Blue
10-I'm Confessin'
11-Your True Love
12-True Love

Nelson, Ricky - Ricky Nelson 1958_07 _Imperial LP 9050

01-Shirley Lee
02-Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
03-There's Good Rockin' Tonight
04-I'm Feelin' Sorry
05-Down The Line
06-Unchained Melody
07-I'm In Love Again
08-Don't Leave Me This Way
09-My Babe
10-I'll Walk Alone
11-There Goes My Baby
12-Poor Little Fool

All Music Guide review by William Ruhlmann to this second LP.
Elvis Presley's first LP was called Elvis Presley, and his second Elvis. In stark contrast, Ricky Nelson's first LP was called Ricky, and his second Ricky Nelson. Nelson remained a slavish imitator of the Sun Records rockabilly style on his sophomore long-player, but he had improved enormously in the endeavor. The production was closer to the Sun Studio sound, with the same kind of vocal echo, and in James Burton, Nelson had found the real article, a classic rock & roll guitarist with a style that was both distinctive and perfectly attuned to the essentials of the sound. But the improvement over the first album was also attributable to Nelson himself, who had become a far more involved singer. He may have been turning out carbon copies of Presley (There's Good Rockin' Tonight) and Roy Orbison (Down the Line) from Sun, as well as old favorite Fats Domino (I'm in Love Again), whose I'm Walkin' had launched his career, and even Little Walter (My Babe), but he executed these approximations with the fervor of a true believer. And he was beginning to write his own material (Don't Leave Me This Way) and introduce the writing of his band (Burton and bass player James Kirkland's There Goes My Baby). As usual, there was a complement of tricked-out pop covers from the past — the 1940 copyright Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You), the 1944 song I'll Walk Alone, the recent movie hit Unchained Melody — songs that Nelson also managed to be comfortable singing. And there was his latest (and biggest) hit, Poor Little Fool. Ricky Nelson thus marks a distinct advance over Ricky, even if was not embraced as enthusiastically as its predecessor, peaking only in the Top Ten and remaining in the charts only a couple of months.

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ricky nelson was a great musician.

As with most artists, his early work was his best.

Many thanks for your interesting blog, Jean.
Apart from "the king" albums, "Ricky Nelson" is the top-seller non-compilation lp in history. Thank you very much.
As I have been flowing with your very interesting blogg, I kept thinking about Ricky, primarily because I guessed it might be in your blog...secondly, a close friend who is shining on now, ...used to always talk about him. This will be a 1st for me. Thanks for your brilliant blogging. Peace, Eric.
Thanks a bunch, Nelson was great.
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