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Hot Rod Hits compilation (dedicated to Mike L)

I wrote earlier on my Blog about Hot Rod songs in july and august 2007. Check them archives out !
Was talking today on a birthday party to Mike L from Germany. He don't like to drive longways as he used to do. So I dedicate these Car songs to Mike L jr !

Hot Rod Hits compilation (WE had such a Chevy Bel-Air Impala back in 1959 !)
01-Billie Jo Spears - '57 Chevrolet
02-Ronnie Dawson - Action Packed
03-The Playmates - Beep Beep
04-The Bel Airs - Bel-Air Chevrolet
05-The Delicates - Black & White Thunderbird
06-The Jesters - Cadillac Man
07-JT Red - Cruisin'
08-The Surfer Girls - Draggin' Wagon
09-Chuck Berry - Get Your Kicks (Route 66)
10-The Collins Kids - Hot Rod
11-Johnny Bond - Hot Rod Lincoln
12-Jan & Dean - Hot Stocker
13-Tico & The Triumphs - Motorcycle
14-Chuck Berry - No Particular Place
15-Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Red Chevrolet
16-Oscar McLollie & The Honey Jumpers - Roll Hot Rod Roll
17-Paul Evans - Seven Little Girls
18-Satans' Pilgrims - Squad Car
19-Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
20-Nelson Riddle - Theme From Route 66

Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

'Clickable' links are for you downloaders soooo convienent but the disadvantage is they don't seem to 'last' long.
The Blogger gets a lot of comments 'please re-up'...... Other, more appropriate/interesting comments, they don't get.... :(
So you will have to do a little work to get the link.
This seems, in my opinion, the best deal between 'protecting' my links and the least effort for you.

Link :
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Paste this valid link in your browser-url and hit RETURN. You can also copy/paste the link into your 'downloadmanager'.

Pass to extract this file : 080103
This file is a small 50MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

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Direct link (after that go to the plain comment of this 2008_january article !) :
Nice Impala. You had one of those. Very cool. Do you wish you still had that car. I sold my 65 GTO after High School Graduation and regreted ever since.

Happy New Year Jean.

Hi LP (still Timbo ?).
It was indeed a great car. Remember when I graduated I drove the car while going around by our teachers to thank them.
Sadly in 65 or so, just before going on holiday (everything was packed) a drunk fellow found it necessary to hit several cars in our street.
There was almost no visable damage to our car but the next day the garage had to dissapoint us. The automatic engine/gear inside was too costly to repair. So total-loss.

And yes I often look at this car when I saw it. Always wished to buy it again.
On the other hand, it's too big to park in the city, it's costly in gasoline.
So I'm happy with my today's Ford and will stick to this. But that Chevy will always be in my heart !
I had an Impala as a "corgy toys" when I was a kid. Later I never made it to a street cruiser - germany never gave you sufficient space nor in streets neither in parking lots, not to mention the prices of combustibles.

so, I found my pride and joy in old small english sportscars . . .

but listening to this kind of music always reawakes images of fleetwoods, impalas, bel-airs . . .
There were the Dinky Toys, the Corgi Toys and the Matchbox series.

The Dinky Toys turned out to be the most expensive ones later on. They were really 'strong' made.

But I too collected (some) Corgi Toys. They had wheel suspension... so I liked them better.

For my first child, a boy, I collected the complete Matchbox serie. Every week from my pocket money I did buy one. Instead of being carefull he played with them outside in the sandbox. Let them there when it rained.... and finally gave them all away.... Children...
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