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Rolling Stones - 12x5 (Twelve by five)

ABCKO acquired the Rolling Stones' catalog after Allen Klein became their manager in 1965. The legal battles during the 70s produced releases that the Stones opposed (they took out full page adds asking fans not to buy them), including the controversial Metamorphosis releases (which are now available on CD for the 1st time ever). But the sad fact is that the Stones lost control of their great early material. With these remastered SACD releases, we at last have some idea of what they really sounded like in the studio. If we had these 40 years ago they would have ended up Greatest Rock And Roll Band in the Universe instead of just our tiny little World.

This is the Stones 2nd US album, released Oct 23, 1964. It cemented the early blues band legend with tracks from their famous Chess Studios session in Chicago during the 1st American tour (Muddy Waters helped carry their gear into the studio) and tracks recorded at Regent Sound in London. Essentially, this is the album that finalized their status as champions of Chicago blues.

The album starts with Chuck Berry's Around And Around, which the Stones had been doing as a show stopper in the UK, the big hits Time Is On My Side and It's All Over Now, the great Around and Around (my personal favorite) and the great slow blues numbers Confessin' The Blues & Good Times Bad Times. Although they used to do a lot of instrumentals, 2120 South Michigan seems to have survived as the only memory of this part of the early Stones familiar to most fans.

Rolling Stones - 12x5 (Twelve by five) (SACD Remastered). SACD=Super audio CD.
01-Around and Around
02-Confessin' the Blues
03-Empty Heart
04-Time Is On My Side version 1
05-Good Times Bad Times
06-It's All over Now
07-2120 South Michigan Avenue version 2
08-Under the Boardwalk
10-Grown up Wrong
11-If You Need Me

Bonus Tracks
13-Not Fade Away (10-01-1964)
14-Andrew's Blues (04-02-1964)
15-Hi Heel Sneakers (10-06-1964)
16-Look What You've Done (10-06-1964)
17-Tell Me Baby_How Many More Times (10-06-1964)
18-Down In the Bottom (10-06-1964)
19-We're Wastin' Time (July_Sept 1964)
20-Sleepy City (July_Sept 1964)
21-Try a Little Harder (July_Sept 1964)
22-Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (July_Sept 1964)
23-As Tears Go By (11-07-1964)
24-Blue Turns to Grey (11-01-1965)
25-Looking Tired (05-09-1965)
26-Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In the Shadow (#2-Aug 1966)


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Thanks for the Rolling Stones - much appreciated.
Please don't give up ther blog Jean
Thanks Jean, by the way some of us do read your blog and not just take the music and run.

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