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Today 2004 Timi Yuro died

Rosemary Timotea Yuro (born 1940_August_04 in Chicago, Illinois and died 2004_March_30 in Las Vegas, Nevada) was an American soul and R&B singer. She is considered to be one of the first blue-eyed soul stylists of the rock era.

Richie Unterberger from All Music Guide wrote about Timy Yuro :
Known as "the little girl with the big voice," Timi Yuro's booming, resonant vocals were sometimes mistaken for being black, being a man's, or both. Her voice was indeed mammoth, and her delivery astonishingly mature, on her debut single, "Hurt." This 1961 version of the pop standard reached number four and was followed by a brief period of stardom in the early '60s. Too pop in orientation to be called a rock singer, too conscious of rock and soul trends to be pigeonholed into what was then called the adult market, Yuro's undoubted talents never fully jibed with her material. While there was soul in her voice, it was of the Dinah Washington or Nancy Wilson sort, with perhaps more of a bend for straight pop than pop/rock. Over the course of the few years following "Hurt," she actually found her greatest success on the easy listening charts, but also dabbled in girl group pop, R&B, Gene Pitney-like ballads, and Patsy Cline-like country. She scored several minor hits during this time, the biggest of which was the most soulful: "What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)"; reaching number 12 in the U.S., it was covered by the Small Faces a few years later as the B-side of their first single. Continuing to record throughout the '60s and into the '70s, she experienced little success after leaving the Liberty label in 1964. After a brief retirement in the late '70s, Yuro attempted a comeback in 1980. However a throat ailment was discovered that required surgery, forcing the singer to not only cancel her planned recording date, but also preventing her from singing - or even talking - for six months. She eventually did make a comeback, one not unlike other pop stars who spent brief reigns on the top of the charts - playing her hits to small pockets of grateful fans around the world. She continued to record too, releasing an album of Willie Nelson covers and a re-recording of her most popular songs, including "Hurt." Unfortunately problems with her throat again forced her to stop singing, but the prognosis this time was cancer. Yuro struggled, first with throat cancer in the '90s then inoperable brain cancer in the 00's, which effectively ended her singing career. Timi Yuro passed away in March of 2004.

Timi Yuro - The lost voice of soul
02-Just Say I Love Him
05-Let Me Call You Sweetheart
06-Count Everything
07-I Know (I Love You)
08-What's A Matter Baby
09-Only Love Me
10-That's Right, Walk On By
11-Should I Ever Love Again
12-The Love Of A Boy
13-I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
14-Insult To Injury
15-Make The World Go Away
16-Gotta Travel On
17-Down In The Valley
18-Leavin' On Your Mind
19-She's Got To You
20-I'd Fight The World
21-Permanently Lonely
22-Are You Sure!
23-A Legend In My Time
24-Call Me
25-Something Bad On My Mind
26-It'll Never Be Over For Me

Great songs. Of course her big hit Hurt but also nice Popcorn songs like Count Everything, What's a matter baby, I Ain't Gonna Cry No More & Insult To Injury.
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brilliant post!
i love this lady!!
what a voice!
got any alma cogan??
Yes I got.

Instead of just asking : search my Blog first.
Hint : when did Alma Cogan die ?

When done you can have some Alma Cogan too.
i love this gal
i guess she's a man at firstd ^^
i still searching her "interlude"
azul de hk
Azul, check my todays article 2008_july_16 !
Many thanks for the great songs from this wonderful woman who was so overlooked in her day.

One song people need to hear from Timi is 'Cuttin' In'
Thank you thank you thank you!
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