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Cruisin' 1961 Arnie Ginsberg WMEX, Boston

This is the fourth in the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog. This one is on request (by Mark L) as will be the next one (by Chi-Town) Cruisin' 1960 Dick Biondi WKBW, Buffalo.

The year is 1961 and CRUISIN' presents radio, just as it was then. Like the other volumes in the CRUISIN' series, this record consists of hit songs, radio commercials, jingles, disc jockey chatter and other audio memorabilia from the year. Our host for '61 is Boston's own Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg, the city's number-one disc jockey from 1956 to 1967. Arnie's WMEX show was called Night Train and, through a curious chain of associations with the sounds of trains going "Woo Woo" in the night, Mr. Ginsburg gained his nickname. He was virtually a household word in the New England area thanks to a promotion by the Adventure Car Hop which offered two-for-one specials to any customer who mentioned "Woo Woo" Ginsburg. Adventure also named a special dish after him, the Ginsburger. Arnie's Friday night record hops at the giant Surf Ballroom in Nantasket Beach were a year-round tradition for a decade and every name artist and group eventually played there with Arnie. He was on the air continuously for twelve years and his youthful following was fantastic in its devotion, possibly because he transformed adolescent insecurities into a triumph. His voice - a continual teenage crack - combined with the constant clatter of kazoo, cowbell, buzzer, bermuda bell, car horn, oogah and train whistle, epitomized the noisy awkwardness of teenagery, but Arnie managed to bring it all off with humorous grace.

Please take a precise look at the front scan bottom right. The newspaper headline "Bay of pig'..... Do you also remember that event ?? It was two days from now in 1961 as you can check in the informing Wikipedia Bay of Pigs Invasion article.
Cruisin' 1961 Arnie 'woo woo' Ginsberg WMEX, Boston.
Arnie 'woo woo' Ginsberg resume.
WBOS [Boston] 1957
WMEX [Boston] 1959
WRKO [Boston] 1967
WBCN [Boston] 1970 - GM
WWEL [Boston] 1972 - GM
WXKS [Boston] 1979 - partner
WVJV-TV [Boston] 1985 - owner
Pyramid Broadcasting [Boston] 1987 (WXKS +12 others)
Now: Shel Swartz of The Big 68 WRKO Remembered reports that Arnie retired to his home on the coast of Maine in 1996. Shel says, "In 1997, Arnie was one of just 25 American disk jockeys saluted in a special event at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Arnie is considered personally responsible for the breaking out of dozens of rock 'n' roll records in New England."

SIDE ONE (18.01 minutes) starts with The 3D's - Themesong _Wmex Boston
02-Chuck Berry - Nadine _Wmex Tower Of Talent
03-Jive Five - My True Story _Adventure Car Hop Commercial
04-Joe Dowell - Wooden Heart _Wmex Mystery City Contest
05-Clarence Frogman Henry - But I Do _1961 Ford Falcon Commercial
06-Little Caesar & Romans - Those Oldies But Goodies _Wmex Station Id

SIDE TWO (15.54 minutes) continues with Freddie Cannon - Arnie Ginsburg Theme
08-Bobby Lewis - Tossin' & Turnin' _Wmex Teacher Of The Day Contest
09-Del Shannon - Runaway _Wmex Jingle Fenway Dj Promo
10-Shep & Limelights - Daddy's Home _Pal Mal Rock Commercial Mal, The 3D's, and Arnie
11-Lee Dorsey - Ya Ya _1961 Pontiac Commercial
12-Marathons - Peanut Butter

I had/have a problem. This is the tracklist from the CD (you can hear strange cuts) but to the original LP (at least in my country) 4 other songs were here left out/replaced. So I added these as a bonus.
Freddie King - Hide Away, Marcels - Blue Moon, Playmates - Beep Beep, Regents - Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann is so well known by the Beach Boys but here it is by the original artists. Interesting to know is that Barbara Ann was the grilfriend of one of the groupmembers/writers....
Even history has its own history, and our gravel-throated host, Arnie Ginsburg, chose to play a "Blast From The Past" during his reconstructed 1961 show. The flashback is to 1958 and the Playmates. What else could a man with the nickname "Woo Woo" play than Beep Beep?

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Thanks so much for posting yet another great album in the "Cruisin'" series. I can't wait to hear Dick Biondi on the "Big KB" from Buffalo.

I can understand your wish... But have the same problem with the tracklist. Suppose will do the same as I did for this article.
Have also a lot 'in stock' so suppose will be next week.
That will work for me, Jean. And I am sure that it will work for everyone else as well. Thanks again for your efforts.

Many thanks for WOO WOO GINSBERG. I loved it. It was nice to introduce my wife to the wonderful Crusin' series. I look forward to more. Thanks for the great, great work. It is appreciated out here in the vast darkness.

mark L.
I am looking forward to this having already enjoyed the '69 show, as well as the '63...sent good vibes all through the house. Thanks for the bonus tracks. Eric. Katoikei's Jukebox...grief I am neglecting my own blog. lol.
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