Tuesday, April 01, 2008


JeansMusicBlog exists TWO years .....

When I started my Blog today exactly two years ago I asked myself (and look at the header of my blog) "will it survive one year, two years ?"

My first posting :
This old man has fixed on april fool's day 2006 his own Blog !
What will the future bring ?
Surprise surprise.

Don't expect to see a posting every day. One or two a week will already be an effort for me because I'm still a very busy guy. But who knows with your help ...

Jean Dupree
I think this old, in the meantime now definite retired, man improved the looks of my Blog very much compared to my chosen original template. That's what I'm most proud of..... Still trying to train my brains.... and compete with youngsters.

So today my Blog celebrates it's second birthday party....


congratulations on reaching two years.

Keep up the good work.

congratulations with this nice blog.
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