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Today 1973 this very moment Radio Veronica

On monday evening 2 april 1973 there was a big storm on the Northsea together with high tide.
Everyone who was listening to off shore radio station Radio Veronica suddenly heard at 21.15 o'clock an announcement by technician Ruud Doets : "The anchor line is broken and we're drifting towards the coast. We are sorry to interupt our program but hope to return soon. Best regards to our women". Panic, on the vessel, the listeners, but also on a 'board meeting' in Hilversum where a meeting with the Dutch government was prepared which was scheduled on april 18.
The broadcasting went on as long as possible but minutes before the vessel the Norderney passed the Dutch coastline they had to remove the send crystal, otherwise they had been breaking the law. Although so often called a pirate station they weren't pirates at all but only used a leak in the law....
"Uncle Bull" Verweij already ordered 'man before the ship' so everyone left the ship immediately. Without the crew Veronica stranded in the night (so it was tuesday) on the beach quite high against the dunes.Although Radio Veronica wanted to be on land it was not intended this way. It was the next day an emotional moment to walk alongside the ship, I can assure you. It shouldn't be there, it should be on the sea !!
They tried several times to get the vessel into the sea again, but they all failed. Everyone was afraid the ship should break into two because it had to be put into a better place with a lot of force. April 18, when it was high tide again, the Norderney finally could leave the beach. Within hours Rob Out and Tineke de Nooij were the first who could broadcast again. Back in bussiness !!!!!! Hoorray !!!!
Just memories of 35 years ago....

Veronica returned to the air from the Mi-Amigo on 11-04-1973 for 8 days I believe, before they refloted thier own ship.
Yep so very true !
Have a lot of off-shore radio station complete hrs. Caroline, and also from the Mi Amigo....
But Veronica was my fav cause I 'knew it from the start'...
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