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Repost 2007_02_05 Billy Fury

I have to tell you all my little sister became today 59 years old (eh sorry : young) !
So happy birthday little sister !!

How she liked in the sixties Billy Fury's Halfway to paradise (written by Carole King).
Remember when Billy Fury was in our country to do a TV concert. It was the first time when more camera's were used and even a zoom camera.
She attended it and came home very excited. It seemed to have been a wonderful evening.
Three weeks later the concert was on TV.
Billy sang I will, Fools errand, Last night was made for love and of course Halfway to paradise. During this last song the camera zoomed in to a girl on the first row in complete adoration with her head in her hands and her elbows on the stage. She was completely in trance, completely 'in heaven', out of this world.
MY little sister that was, my little sister.
Looking at Billy Fury I can imagine she, like so many girls, was crazy about him.
To learn more about Billy Fury go to Wikepedia.

Above you see a nice picture of that girl when she was a little younger. Wasn't she cute ? Although older now, she's still cute. Of course, she's my sister !
Happy birthday again and have a nice evening !

Dear sister in the comment.
Just like the things we talked about this afternoon, this will bring back our youth again a littlebit. Have fun !


Fury, Billy - Halfway to Paradise

01-Fury, Billy - Halfway To Paradise
02-Fury, Billy - Like I've Never Been Gone
03-Fury, Billy - Last Night Was Made For Love
04-Fury, Billy - It's Only Make Believe
05-Fury, Billy - I'd Never Find Another You
06-Fury, Billy - A Wondrous Place
07-Fury, Billy - I'm Lost Without You
08-Fury, Billy - When Will You Say I Love You
09-Fury, Billy - Run To My Loving Arms
10-Fury, Billy - Maybe Tomorrow
11-Fury, Billy - In Thoughts Of You
12-Fury, Billy - Give Me Your Word
13-Fury, Billy - That's Love
14-Fury, Billy - Once Upon A Dream
15-Fury, Billy - Collette
16-Fury, Billy - A Thousand Stars
17-Fury, Billy - Fools Errand
18-Fury, Billy - Somebody Else's Girl
19-Fury, Billy - Jealousy
20-Fury, Billy - I Will

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