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Kenny Lynch on request

Kenny Lynch, OBE (born 18 March 1939, Stepney) is a English singer, songwriter, entertainer and actor from London. Lynch appeared in many variety shows in the 1960s.

He had several UK hit singles in the early 1960s, including the two Top Ten hits, Up on the Roof in December 1962, and You Can Never Stop Me Loving You in June 1963. In addition, he has written songs for others — notably The Small Faces' #3 UK hit, Sha-La-La-La-Lee, with the American songwriter Mort Shuman. Lynch took part in the A Song For Europe contest in 1962 with the song There's Never Been A Girl, but failed to win through to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. He returned to the contest in 1978, this time as a writer, penning Don't Bother To Knock for the group Midnight. This song was placed second.

His numerous TV appearances include roles in Celebrity Squares, Room at the Bottom and Curry and Chips as well as minor parts in Z-Cars, The Sweeney, Til Death Us Do Part and Treasure Hunt.

Known for charity work, Lynch has often played in charity football matches and Michael Parkinson's 'Celebrity Cricket' fundraisers.

Whilst on a coach with The Beatles (on tour with Helen Shapiro), Lynch reportedly offered to help them write a song, but quickly became frustrated and criticised their ability to compose music - see "From Me to You" on Wikipedia. Years later he appeared on the album cover of Wings' 1973 album, Band on the Run, along with other celebrities.

Some of Kenny Lynch's very best.....
01-It Would Take A Miracle
03-For Loving You Baby
04-That's What Little Girls Are Made For
05-So Much To Love Your For
06-You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
07-For You
09-Up On The Roof
10-The One Thing That Makes Me Happy
11-They're Jalous Of Me
12-Steady Kind
13-I'll Stay By You
14-Stand By Me
15-Tiger At Your Door
16-Don't Make The Same Mistake As I Did
17-There's Never Been A Girl
18-Why Do You Treat Me This Way
19-You Make Love So Well
20-Hey Girl

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Once again, thanks for these nice songs and so much of that beautiful popcorn music.

Kenny was born in 1938 not 1939 this information is on his official website
thanks, it's very hard to find Kenny's version of "Stand By Me" although it was a top 40 hit
Hi Jean
Nice to see that this very old link still works
Hope your retirement still is funny and you still can made beer/vine to that yellow stuff
Have seen that you are stopping on
made Grumpys request list here, but the new way of collect the files looks like working fine now
but a great thanks for your work
in keeping live in Grumps requst list through the last years
Hope to "see" you around the blogworld someday ( now that many of the blogs are been closed and dead.. we have to taking care of the few who still is alive )

Keld / Copenhagen
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