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Poll result : What music do YOU prefer

I like to know what music YOU like. So I did a poll last months. Here is the result.

A sincere warm thanks to all the contributors. It gives me a little clue what to post in the future (...if I do...).
Of course my Blog is MY diary and I can/do write/post about what I like but if it satisfies your appreciation it would be very useful/nice. That's why a simple comment to every posting (at least if you download a 'music file') is so appreciated by me and by every Blogger !! Give us reasons to go on..... Don't be just a 'taker/leecher'. Participate in a discussion !
In the comments are the (few) remarks to this poll.
If you have other suggestions that's also the place to be...
And don't forget to participate in the new poll. It is just one simple click !

What music do YOU prefer _Comments Left About This Poll

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From Chuckles
Nice site, some interesting finds here. And I like your 'personality'. Keep up the good work!

From JeanDupree
Hi Eric.
Looking at this poll I fully agree with you.
But a warning. Popcorn and oldies in general are artists/songs which were sometimes 'one day flies'.... Those songs mostly even didn't reach the Billboard top100. And they are also mostly not available on commercial cd's by an artist/group itself.
And this is also a big group of voters....

I like these kind of (unknown) songs, so you and everyone else will find them also on my Blog as compilation. Personally made, sometimes from the original 45 vinyl (that takes a lot of time but I hope it sounds just like it was ripped from cd).

If you've not done already please just try some of my Popcorn compilations. They are for sure not 'greatest hits' or 'best of compilations'....

Thanks for the time you did take to give the comment !

From eric cross
Quite interesting how people seem to prefer albums by individual artists over compilations, and I myself am firmly in that camp. There seem to be too many greatest Hits.. and Best ofs.. around nowadays.
Huge thanks for your excellent blog.

From JeanDupree
True Twiggy. He had indeedd a great voice. Me too like to listen to him.

From Twiggie
Brook Benton stole my heart when I first saw him on the Ed Sullivan TV show in 1959. What a voice! I have been a loyal fan since and have 14 of his CD's...the local radio stations here in Bermuda play him daily.

From JeanDupree
jechus, cuando uno consigue a viejo un tesoro unos ms all de.....

From jechus
Saludos desde Portugalete, Spain. Gracias por compartir la musica que ha acompanado nuestras vidas.
I love the Radio stuff. One gets the benefit of the DJ's choice as well as a healthy sampling of what it was like living back in the fifties and sixties...well, I was born in January 58, but who remembers the details...I certainly don't.. I am a serious blues collector, though I must admit I am deeply passionate about early jazz, in particular the guitarists. In particular the early jazz scene in England...I had a few names jotted down but lost it...grrrr! Gotta go back over the history of it all again. Though Blues plays a massive part of all my searching...I have a collection to big to add anymore. It would be pointless...I need to work through my collection and blues is so a mood thing for me.

I think your blog is a fresh breath and very endearing. Keep it up Jean. I mean when the good winds blow. Peace, Eric.
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