Monday, December 15, 2008


Ratings widget added 2008_may_13

Once a while a comment of just one simple line seems te be too much effort to 99% of the readers/downloaders. I think almost every Bogger complains about this. Just 'take' seems today's motto. My true feelings : it's a shame.
So today 2008_may_13 I added a ratings widget. This way I hope to get at least a little feedback and a better understanding of your interests.
So please vote my articles/albums, it is just one simple click !!

Edit 2008_october_01. And when you vote extremely negative (no problem with that) please post also a comment why. It can help me !

Hi Jeans
How can I get such a rating widget to put in my own blog?
I find it rather interesting.
Hi pal, just got your mail. Checked and it worked indeed !

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