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Repost 2007_01_30 Lazyrebel passed away

The internet is an anonym issue. Best to keep it that way. But from time to time one encounters a special person. Terry was such a guy. He offered to send me all the music I possibly could want.... When he suddenly died 2007_january I made this smal article about him.

American by birth but Southern by the grace of God
Terry55 was the car he always used as signature when posting an item
US Navy Seals & Terry and Tommy speaks for themselves

Terry, to some known as Lazyrebel, passed away today at the age of 62.
Terry wasn't a 'taker' but a 'giver', a superb nice guy.

Imagine, he served the US in Vietnam and lost both hands. But life has to go on. He got two 'hooks' to use instead of normal hands. It was difficult people staring at him. He liked the internet. It was a way to make friends.
Look at Terry's site which he was, since a few month's, building up.

Some time ago I (and a lot of others I understand) got some personal made recordings he made with his band Lazyrebel & The Armed & Dangerous Band (not issued).
Imagine Terry singing but also playing the bass with those two hooks.

I did reread some personal mails and deleted them now, but will keep Lazyrebel in memory.
Hope he has now found peace and a little more luck now up there.

In the comments you will find his fine recordings. Hope for Terry there will be a lot of 'takers' now.

Lazyrebel & The Armed & Dangerous Band

01-Lazyrebel - Knockin on Heavens Door
02-Dave - Wooly Bully
03-Lazyrebel - Stand By Me
04-Lazyrebel - Johnnie B Good
05-Lazyrebel - Fast As You
06-Lazyrebel - At The Hop
07-Lazyrebel - Turn The Page
08-Lazyrebel - Coffee
09-Lazyrebel - Black Majic Woman (note : this is a typing mistake by Terry himself ! So best thing is to leave it that way !)
10-Lazyrebel - Mary Had A Little Lamb

This is a personal made record, not issued !

Copy and paste into one link :

Pass : JeanDupree

On behalve of Terry_Lazyrebel : thanks for stopping by and listening !!

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