Sunday, May 04, 2008


Ron Goodwin Elizabeth serenade_Venus waltz

When I was about 15 or 16 my little sister celebrated her birthday with a party and invited some girlfriends from school. I remember the father of one of those girls had a shoe shop in a little village nearby. We had a party a few weeks earlier in that shop. I met a girl from that small village and immediately fell in love... so good looking... haha.
I was so glad that girl should also be present at my sisters party. Couldn't sleep the weeks before. Had a single Ron Goodwin - Elizabeth serenade / Venus Waltz. O how she looked like the girl on it, a real Venus. Even clicked the sleeve on the wall of my room. The girls were only allowed to attend the party if they were brought home safely. My father would do. It was a nice party with the usual, lemmie say, try and sometimes error.... When the party was over my dear daddy brought the girls home. The last one was the girl I liked so much. But my dad made a bad mistake. He just stopped the car in front of her house instead of just a block away. I had other plans which now ended up in smoke ! You may understand I was so mad at my dad, of course later on he understood.

I lost the single over the years. You know how it goes... But always remembered the girl. Janine E from M. Little sister, when you read this do you remember also ?

Was looking for the single on vinyl fairs for years or at least a replica scan but never found it. Yesterday after Theo Dumoulin's show I stayed on the Laser chat and DaveH helped me finding the scan. Here it is. Didn't I had/have a good female taste ? Sadly mrs SV had to remark 'Jean, do you think she still looks like that picture ??'. How mrs SV could take my romance thoughts away....

My Blog is a personal diary, a place of remembrance... Share your thoughts also in the comments.

EDIT may_07.
My little sister wrote me. She and my mother remembered so well how deeply I felt in love with this girl....
But all women seem to be the same.... She told me that all girls had their hair like that. And her nose was much sharper compared to this picture. And.....
How women can take my romance thoughts away...

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