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Cruisin' with Porky Chedwick WAMO Pittsburgh

This is number six in my/the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog.

Read last friday 2008_june_20 McKeesport PA, PITTSBURGH
Pittsburgh disc jockey legend Porky Chedwick is moving to Florida, where the 90-year-old "Daddio of the Raddio" will still be pushing platters.

"He's not retiring, he's just going into another chapter of his life," said wife Jeanie Chedwick.
Adds Porky: "I'd like to do a little weekend radio show there."

The couple will move in August to Tarpon Springs, near Tampa, where Chedwick expects to find an eager audience of transplanted Pittsburghers who remember his pioneering work, beginning in 1948 with WHOD-AM (later WAMO), where he was one of the nation's first disc jockeys to play black musical artists for white listeners.

Most of Chedwick's 60-year radio career was with WAMO, though he also hosted shows on 3WS, KQV, WEEP and WLSW.
For the past five years, the Chedwicks have considered moving to a warmer climate.
"It's just time," Jeanie said.
Porky looks forward to walking their Chihuahuas, Joey and Candy, on a year-round basis, as well as altering his wardrobe.
"I'm going to live my life in shorts and sandals now," Chedwick said.

Still in demand locally as a deejay and celebrity guest for oldies events like the Roots of Rock and Roll shows at the Benedum Center, Chedwick admits it won't be easy leaving his lifelong home.
"Being an icon here, every step I take someone recognizes me," Chedwick said.

Roots of Rock and Roll organizer Henry DeLuca said, "I hate the fact he's leaving, but I understand it's a personal decision. He may be back. I hope."

Cruisin' with Porky Chedwick WAMO, Pittsburgh.
Porky Chedwick resume.
WHOD [Pittsburgh PA] 1948
WAMO [Pittsburgh] 1956
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1972
WNRZ [Pittsburgh] 1985-1986
WAMO-FM [Pittsburgh] 1996
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 1998
WLSW [Scottdale PA] 2000

(Until ??) Now: Sunday evenings at WLSW-FM, Scottdale PA, and Saturdays 11-Noon on WAMO.

Craig "Porky" Chedwick, THE "Daddio of the Raddio", has been playing those "dusty discs" for over 50 years, and it's not an exaggeration to say that without Porky Chedwick, oldies rock and roll radio, and maybe even rock and roll radio as we came to know it wouldn't have happened. Period.
To read all about this neglected rock radio pioneer, check :
Porky in The Broadcast Archive

The album starts with Porky Chedwick Intro Theme
Del-Vikings - Whispering Bells _Skyliners_WAMO Promo
Flamingos - Love Walked In _Bruno's Sunoco Station Commercial_Shirley & Lee_WAMO Promo
Buster Brown - Fannie Mae _Mission Beverage Commercial_Porky Promo
Nino & The Ebbtides - Those Oldies But Goodies _Du Quesne Brewing Commercial_Wilbert Harrison WAMO_Promo
Joe Turner - Flip Flop And Fly _Porky Info_Woodland Drive-In Theatre_Remote Promo_Porky Show Promo
Skyliners - This I Swear _Kubins Record Store Commercial_Johnnie & Joe_WAMO Promo
Penguins - Hey Senorita _Abreola Brothers Auto Parts Commercial_Bullmoose Jackson_WAMO Promo
Spaniels - Heart And Soul _Highway Tuxedo Commercial
Harvey & The Moonglows - Ten Commandments Of Love _WAMO Promo_Stop & Go Markets Commercial_Bullmoose Jackson Promo
Marcels - Blue Moon
Porky Chedwick Close Out Theme & Platter Pushin' Papa Promoheme

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So, this is a bit different for the Crusin' series. I only knew of the ones tied to single years...this is the first I've seen tied to an individual DJ. Looking forward to checking this one out.

Many thanks.

Mark L.
True Mark. It is explained at the Cruisin' site. Issued in 1993 this is the last one until now.
once again to you - - you make me feel so much younger with tis cruisin´ series

what more than thankyouthankyou can I say to you!

I´am afraid, I will visit your blog some times more, if you allow

greetings : Bill.Bo
just found your site today.
Sorry to see this site is going down.

But good to see that more peolpe like the cruisin serie.
I can remember listening to WAMO as a teenager and college age. We lived 60 miles from Pittsburgh, but we were so glad to get this station. Even the gospel music on Sundays was enjoyed. Thanks for posting this!

Thank You very much :)
Thank You!
This is a Tribute To Porky Chedwick, if you want to pass and take some records uploaded by mediafire...thanks to all the fans

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