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Popcornvideo Forum Berlaar 2008_06_14

I write about Popcorn and give you from time to time some examples. I notice it is appreciated. But have you seen or attended a party ? Most of you will not.
Almost every weekend there's a party in Belgium and tonight again in Berlaar The night of the dj's organised/sponsored by

Above are 2 movies of the last Berlaar party Oldies night 2008_june_14 with 20 minutes dance fun approved by kind permission of one of their dj's Vital van Ham.

Hi Jean,

nice site. I like it very much.

Can you tell me the artist and song of the second part (the longer one) of your video "Oldies Night". Nice song.
I hope you know it ... ;-)

Kind regards,
Hi Jean,

thansk for your reply.

It was my fault! I meant the firt part of the video. But thanks for Billy Barnes! :-))

Now I've foudn out that it was Junior Lewis with "Which way" ... :-))

Thanks anyway!!
Just deleted my original replies.
It was :
Billy Barnes - Until
Junior Lewis - Which way

Check my article 2008_july_31, available just a very limited time.

Also possible : go to and ask in their guestbook.
Click their link in my original post and go to their guestbook.
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