Sunday, June 29, 2008


Spain - Germany 1-0

The European soccer championship 2008 has come to an end. The final tonight was won by Spain. I think the German also will admit they had the better team.
Brian Foley gives you a minute to minute live sport report.

We soccer fans had a lot of fun the last three weeks (or even months..).
How great it was all those Austrian and Swiss city's overcrowded with fans and how well they behaved ! Look at these pictures which show you the 'fanzones' in Vienna tonight at the final.
A compliment to the referees because they have a very difficult job (always get a lot of criticism afterwards....). How great they were.
A compliment to the players. They were real sportsmen. Didn't see a real dirty faul.
All in all it was a great tournament. I hope averyone will agree.

Next sportsevent Wimbledon tennis (my fav's Roger Federer & Elena Dementieva).

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