Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Happy birthday female tattoo fan...

Some female fans of my Blog do everything to give me a warm feeling...
A tattoo may be a nice thing but it is difficult to get removed later on...

C's dream...... (as he told a few weeks ago on the radio...)

The story board of this small video.
In part1 C meets my female tattoo fan at a Popcorn party months ago.
In part2 C mixed some characters of Popcorn into (hard)core-porn 'cause he always dreamt about a four-some party... Hope I will not offend you with C dreaming about three sexy ladies... (yep, the lady and her sister and girly friend have 'hidden' qualities...).
In part3 C decides to 'make her his' and has another dream... Inspired by part2 C buys a more 'appropriate dress' for her so she cannot show her tattoo-breast as advertisement for my Blog to anyone anymore. It also reveals what C seems to have in mind for her. Watch them both shopping in the Wall-Mart and note what she has to do with that big bottle...
Is this the future of this, until now, modern lady ????
No more complete freedom ? No more Popcorn parties ? No more... ?
They say : a woman can make a man's dream come true... It's up to herself. Lol !!
Happy birthday !

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