Friday, December 19, 2008


Shoutbox added 2008_july_23

Today, 2008_july_23, I added a Shoutbox on the left.
If you have anything to say to each other in general or about my Blog just type your message and hit 'return'. It's as easy as that. But please keep it friendly !!

Edit 2008_dec_15
I can't say there's a significant number of remarks in 6 months about my Bog or my articles are noticed. When I also compare that to the number of (unique) visitors and downloaded files.. Sad, sad.. Greedy, greedy..
This all also doesn't help to get a history/music discussion on my blog...
I suppose you, my dear visitors, are not interested in me going on with my Blog and want me to close/end my blog.

My dear good chum Jean
Already I know how you feel and ive only been trying to do this for a few months, virtually NO comments etc, except a few faithful jolly chaps, and my blog has NOTHING compared to your content, it is in my opinion a goldmine!!! and yet what is wrong with people, so selfish, how much trouble to show some support???You give so much for absolutely nothing, a little appreciation is not much to ask in return.
thank you from myself anyway, your blog is the BEST, without yours mine would never existed........
I can see us both vanishing !!!!!
take care my friend
Binky Spoons Esq.
Good morning Sir Binkerton, dear old chap.

We do our best to be a 'different kind of Blogger', don't we ?
Always fun to visit your BinkySpoons residence on the countryside. Great funny articles, photo's and music. As you said last weekend time to stay indoors with a couple of lady friends, have them bring you drinks and keep your bed warm , then listen to another lot of tunes from the Binky archives....

I paid last week the transfer costs of almost £6400 to the Western Union Bank in order for getting the UK Mail lottery price of £500.000 I won. Strange one has to pay in advance to avoid paying UK taxes... Anyway, when the price is on my account later this month (and you your x million $ price..) we can consider moving to Hawaii and leave the selfish behind.
Of course we will keep the beer, the music and the ladies to ourselves...

Untill later,
Thanks my good chap, I like the sound of that very much indeed , I shall pack my best smoking jacket and pipe and leave these shores forever !!!
Your faithful servant sir, as always
Binky Spoons Esquire,
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