Monday, June 30, 2008


Theo Dumoulin Popcornshow 2008_06_07

Theo Dumoulin and his (mellow) Popcorn prg is again next saturday on Laser Radio.
I just saw the superb playlist he's compiled. Check later this week LASER radio.
Look what I found at

Re-listen the first hour of Crusade for Popcorn 2008_06_07
01-Four Esquires - Love me forever
02-Accents - Enchanted garden
03-Luke, Robin - So alone
04-Benton, Brook - Revenge
05-Concords - One step from heaven
06-Clark, Petula - Cerisier rose et pommier blanc
07-Cashmeres - Singing waters
08-Colbert, Phil - Who's got the action
09-Jeffries, Herb - Buenas noches mi amor
10-Grant, Julie - Up on the roof
11-Kelly, Karen - Don't let the hurt show through
12-Jackson, Jerry - If teardrops were diamonds
13-Banks, Douglas - Ain't that just like a woman
14-King, BB - The hurt
15-Fleetwoods - (He's) The great imposter
16-Lamp, Buddy - Promised land
17-Shirelles - (Mama) My soldier boy is coming home
18-Marr, Eddie De - Lovebirds
19-Johnson, Lou - The panic is on
20-Bruno, Tony - The grass will sing for you
20a-Mark Richards - I"ll be there


Deze compilatie zal er weer een zijn om je vingers af te likken.
Kijk er al naar uit om hem ook eens te mogen beluisteren.
Alvast bedankt voor de moeite.

Rocco (and other readers),
please note that this is the original show by Theo (in this case his show last month, just the first hour).
It is really worth to listen and if you like this please tune in the next time live.
For even more fun join the chatroom while the broadcast is on.
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