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Cruisin' 1956 Robin Seymour WKMH, Dearborn

This is number six in my/the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog.

The CRUISIN' history of rock and roll radio begins in 1956, one of the most exciting years in "pop" history, and to take us down this memory lane (with a beat) is Robin Seymour of WKMH, which was, when he joined it, a little-known station in Dearborn, Michigan. Robin came to the suburban Detroit station from the Armed Forces Radio Network and he brought with him a voice that mixed the warm, confidential tone of an intimate friend with the slick disc jockey rap we all know today, a blend which made him a natural for housewives and teenagers alike.

Robin never had any particular ethnic identification or allegiance - but the "Bobbin' with Robin Show" quickly found its audience, as he constructed a bright, orderly program that featured (almost exclusively) the records listed on the sales charts printed by the music press. He also was among the first of the nation's deejays to ask his listeners what they thought about new records, and hosted some of the earliest sock hops and commercial tie-ins with local record stores. In 1953 he was named "Disc Jockey of the Year" by Billboard, the music trade magazine. The following year he was given the same title by another publication, Hit Parader.

1956: President Eisenhower underwent an operation to relieve blockage of the small intestine due to ileitis, but physicians said he would be physically fit to run for re-election. Scientists said radiation was a peril to the future of humanity. Egypt seized the Suez Canal and the United Nations established the first international police force on the Sinai Peninsula. The first trans-Atlantic telephone cable system went into effect. The Hungarians revolted. Six Marine recruits were marched into a stream at Parris Island and drowned. The Andrea Doria sank off the coast of Massachusetts. And Elvis Presley and the spread of rock and roll nearly pushed everything else in this list of news stories right out of the conversation.

Cruisin' 1956 Robin Seymour WKMH, Dearborn.
Robin Seymour resume.
Robin Seymour hosted "Swinging Time" on CKLW until 1968. Seymour's career spanned everything from the big band era to the British invasion. But he missed a beat somewhere when he predicted that Elvis Presley was a sure loser, who "wouldn't last more than a year."
1956 was in fact the year Elvis recorded Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog and perhaps half a dozen other million-selling songs. The first of these (Hotel) appeared in the number one position at the end of April and that song or another by Elvis occupied the same lofty spot twenty-five of the year's remaining thirty-six weeks.

SIDE ONE starts with
Four Lads - Robin Seymour Theme
Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven & Recommended Record Stores
Teen Queens - Eddie My Love & Faygo Root Beer Commercial
Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby & Robin Seymour's Original Rock 'n Roll Review
Mello Kings - Tonit Tonit
& Dog Pound (Remote) Announcement & 56 Ford Commercial_Four Lads

SIDE TWO continues with
Platters - Great Pretender & WKMH Station Id & WKMH Sports Headlines_Van Patrick
Little Richard - Tutti Frutti & Sunday Show Promo
Cadets - Stranded In The Jungle & Merchants Green Stamp Commercial
Dells - Oh what a night & WKMH jingle & Budweiser® commercial_Crew Cuts
Five Satins - In The Still Of The Night & Detroit Times Commercial
Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes
& Robin Seymour Theme_Four Lads & WKMH station ID

Compared to the original LP 4 songs were left out on this CD (but the Dells & Carl Perkins were added instead...).
Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, Speedo - Cadillacs, Gee - Crows, Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett.

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Many many thanks...I really do enjoy these.
thanks again Jean... From a stranger in a strange land (australian in serbia)
Being born in 1956 and living near detroit this is right up my alley.
Thanks so much
congratulations to JeansMusicBlog!

and 1955 thanks for presenting some of the "cruisin´s"

greetings : Bill.Bo
I did buy this collection on vinyl in 197... and it feels good to be able to listen to those old radio programs again today. THANKS A 1000 TIMES. Joe Ledbetter
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