Friday, August 01, 2008


Jo Stafford tribute again

I find it extremely sad I cannot find a good video to show how well talented Jo Stafford was. But I found on Youtube some nice vid's which shows a littlebit.

At the left Red Ingle & Jo Stafford 'singing' Tim-Tay-Shun and at the right Jo Stafford as guest in that famous TV program What's my Line? What a funny lady !

Next are two tribute's of just songs with scans. At the left Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae singing the beautiful ballad Whispering Hope and at the right Jo Stafford singing the sad song Thank you for calling my mother liked so much.

When a video has ended you can click on other videos on Youtube to see and listen more of Jo Stafford !!!
To us music fans a pure voice is gone. To her children and grandchildren a mother and granny is gone. Their loss is bigger. I truely hope little comfort to them is what she (and her husband Paul Weston) gave to the world ! I hope someday one of them will read this and will comfort them.

Who can it be? Hello, hello?
Yes, this is me
Darling, oh my darling
What a surprise
It’s been so long, why?
There’s tears in my eyes

When will you be here?
What time will it be?
Oh, you’re not coming?
I see, oh, I see
Well, I hope you’ll be happy
Thank you, I’ll try
Thank you for calling, goodbye

Yes, operator
I’ll hang up the phone
Yes, yes, I know my party is gone
But I’ll always love him
I guess, till I die
Thank you for calling, goodbye


I searched for info on Bonnie Dobson a couple of days ago and up popped your site. Now i've asked for info on Jo Stafford and here I am again. Diverse and interesting stuff. Regards. Russ from Australia.
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