Sunday, August 31, 2008


Single songs 2008_august

From time to time there are suggestions or requests in the comments of my articles. Sometimes I honoured that in the past, but from 2008_july on (well, it will be a test) I will post them the last date of the current month.
Please note, my Blog isn't a request Blog. For that purpose sometimes other sites can be of help like Grumpy's Golden Oldies... But when I like a remark and if I can and have time I wanna be of some help.
Requests over here will not be posted or honoured ! Just specific comments about the songs are allowed and posted.

Songs will be available in the comments to download for just a very limited time !
If you just wanna listen click the play-button > on the left.

Mararie (from 'Northern Holland' ...??) Marino Marini - Il mazzo di mammole
soulman1949 Arthur Alexander - Everyday I have to cry

Single songs 2008_augus
Replace in r#pidsh#re twice the # in an a

2008_june_14 Marino Marini - Repertorio Italiano
Hey, Jean. Your blog is a must stop in for any music lover. I have learned so much and did in fact buy music because of items I have heard here. Thanks for everything. This must take an awful lot of work, and it sure is appreciated!
2006_06_02 Popcorn evening again. Request Soulman49 here's the 1962 version.
hi Jean,again meny good music on your blog,especialy Popcorn.
i like that very much
thanks allod
piet bocklandt
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