Friday, August 22, 2008


Striptease on my Blog !

Inge O turns 50 today. For weeks she's talking she wants a special event on her party : a striptease. I believe she also dreamt about stripteasing herself... And why not some sex on my Blog ? After last month's C's dream I present you

Inge's striptease dream

EDIT august_24.
I got some requests which song is played. It's Henry Mancini - A Shot In The Dark. For a limited period it's available in the comments !
And to make you happy, on her party in Kruibeke there was no male/female stripper, just some nice Popcorn songs provided by her dj-friends... :-)

I have to admit, I don't think we have anything like that in Texas!

Thanks, JD.

sad, sad
at least you write your feelings about it. Appreciated. At this very moment a hundred of my visitors have watched it and don't say a thing....

My Blog has to be a music Blog and a personal (sometimes funny ...??) daily diary.
This video is an 'inside' joke to Inge.
Although sexy this was a show for a huge audience by performer Ursula Martinez. I believe the original Youtube posting has over 500.000 views. In my opinion this 'magic striptease' is not pornographic so in my opinion it is allowed.....
You can get Henry Mancini - A Shot In The Dark :
Suppose you know what to do with those #'s by now.....
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