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Otis Redding sits on the dock of the bay

I am not so much into deep soul or Motown soul. I like just some 'standards' and a few more simple or obscure soul. One or two month's ago I offered you Aretha Franklin on behalf of Marie_José.
I need a reason to write and post about a particular artist...... A wise man just needs half a word.... :-)
Yesterday I did some research about The Rolling Stones first albums and I came to their That's How Strong My Love Is written by Roosevelt Jamison and Pain in my heart written by Naomi Neville. Great songs in my opinion and also performed by the late great Otis Redding. So I think it is time to offer you this performer which I could appreciate at the time and still do for this kind of songs.

Otis Redding - The dock of the bay_the definitive collection.
02-Mr Pitiful
03-Love Man
04-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
06-I Can't Turn You Loose
08-Hard To Handle
10-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
11-My Lover's Prayer
12-These Arms Of Mine
13-That's How Strong My Love Is
14-Cigarettes And Coffee
15-My Girl
16-A Change Is Gonna Come
17-I've Been Loving You Too Long
18-Try A Little Tenderness
19-Pain In My Heart
20-Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

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Hallo jean ,
Ben net naar otis redding aan het luisteren en hoewel ik zo geen fan ben van het genre soul van otis (ik hou meer van the philadelphia sound zoals billy paul, the o'jays, lou rawls ....) begin ik het toch te apprecieren. Weerom een pracht van plaat uit uw collectie waarvan hopelijk meerderen zullen genieten. Althans ik begin er van te genieten . Nogmaals bedankt en KEEP ON GOING!
Hi Badmutti,
that's the nice thing about music. We may differ about what we like but sometimes we also can learn from others taste of music.
I don't like the Philly sound in general but from time to time there are songs I appreciate.
As for this Otis Redding, I like the more 'unknown' songs.. Not so much the hits but they are included. So there must be something for everyone...
Hi Jean,

Wederom een mooie posting van je met goede soul muziek. Bedankt voor de posting en succes met de webblog.
I found some outtakes of Otis's including 2 other versions of "Dock of the Bay".
If anyone is interested I'll see if I can find the URL again.
Aussiejohn (must ne from down under..), I don't know about those outtakes but feel free to post some info over here.
ahhh i'm glad to find this. i only recently started listening to otis redding but this morning i found out i have to sing dock of the bay for an audition into uni, haha!

also i'd love to hear outtakes of it, i heard a version where his whistling was a bit bad but his singing seemed even better in that version.
Playing Dock of the Bay, requires something very special. I am not sure if one calls it soul, but his music sure has plenty of it. I have a greatest hits tape of his, and it is my own gold, thanks for share yours. Peace, Eric.
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