Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Poll : How often to do you visit my Blog ?

I like to know how often you visit my Blog. Here's the result of last month's poll.
A sincere warm thanks to all the contributors !

My Blog seems to about 10% of the people who participated not the right place....
Sometimes I can imagine. I posted, as a private joke, last month august_22 a video called Inge's striptease dream. At least one person came to my Blog by a Google search 'Blog striptease'. Google placed my Blog at third place out of over 4 million results... Lol, I can imagine that person expected something else than what he (best chance it's a 'he'...) will find on my blog.
I understand more and more how Google search 'works'... Of what I write about on my humble blog is mostly quite high on Google results....
The video, by the way, is watched over 500 times within a month...

The rest of the participants say to visit my blog quite frequently. That corresponds with my other trackers. The majority of you is very loyal and returns.
Still quite some people come to my Blog by a Google search or website referring and only read the post/page they were searching for. So sad because I think there must be more interesting stuff on my Blog for them.
And indeed I notice more and more new/old visitors explore my Blog in full. Wise decision !

In the comments are the (few) remarks to this poll.
If you have other suggestions that's also the place to be...

Again the complaint of more bloggers......
A simple comment to a posting (at least if you download a 'music file') is so much appreciated by me and by every Blogger !! Give us reasons to go on..... Don't be just a 'taker/leecher'. Participate in discussion/information !

And don't forget to participate in the new poll. It is just one simple click !

How often to do you visit my Blog ? _Comments Left About This Poll

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From erwin
erwin uit sint-niklaas

From badmutti
hi jean ,
blijkbaar veel trouwe fans op je blog (waaronder ikzelf lol). En de nieuwkomers apprecieren het blijkbaar ook . DUS !!!!!! keep on going .

From werner

From gary w.
Any site featuring Gram Parsons is worth staying in touch with

From mijodia
I'm gonna tell a friend about your nice blog; he's gonna love this. Thanks!!!

From brigitta
this is a nice blog and with the music i like so keep the music a live keep up the good work and thanks for this music

Jean Dupree
I am very greatful for your comments ! Merci beaucoup !!
I found your Blog through Grumpy's website and have visited it regularly since. I love the music and find a lot of the reading material interesting. Thanks for everything.
very nice, and always something new
go on Jean, thanks for the fish, T.
hi, jean
i visit your blog (by accident) for the first time yesterday, and this is the best blog ever, a lot to discover too
man, i'm a happy popcorn fan
it's people like you that keeps this kind of music alive.
so with all my heart, thank you jean.
The danger of visiting your blog, is that it is addictive! The other danger is that I forget to enjoy my own Katoikei's Jukebox http://katoikei.blogspot.com --- I've had some great days, but in the end, it is dedication to just doing what your heart is saying and forgetting about COMMERCIAL POPULARITY ... is one so neglected that one needs to continually plead for acknowledgement...'dogs run free' (Dylan)
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