Saturday, September 20, 2008


Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_20

According to the green counter my humble blog very heartly welcomes today it's 200.000 visitor.

I still don't know yet if I will go tonight to the Popcornparty at the La Locanda (Den Depot) party centre in Belgium, Steendorp.
Normally I can't drink alcohol 'cause I have to drive 100 miles back home. Will one of the 'free' ladies invite me ? Of course best should be one who has a driver's license and where I can sleep..

Anyway, today there will be a Popcornparty at my Blog. So, not too many words, just dance.
Milkshake Madamoiselle requested in a comment and in the shoutbox a Billy Storm song so she will have to dance for me at the end of this party...
So, too young lady for me, dance for me on Billy Storm - When You Dance

As usual it is from various sources. So don't expect full CD quality.

Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_20

01-Craig Douglas - A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
02-Susan Maughan - The Verdict Is Guilty
03-Eileen - Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher
04-Robert Knight - Dance Only With Me
05-B Bumble & The Stingers - Canadian Sunset
06-Bobby Pedrick - Dining And Dancing
07-Toni Fisher - Dort In Berlin
08-Bobby Lee - Everyday
09-Idalia Boyd - Hula Hoppin'
10-Frantics - Straight Flush
11-Nancy Holloway - Je Ne Veux Que Lui
12-Peanuts - Passion Flower
13-Jerry Cole - Land Of Dreams
14-Originals - Lend Me Your Ear
15-Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend Cha Cha
16-Concords - One Step From Heaven
17-Jamie Horton - Missing
18-Nana Mouskouri - Laissez Moi Pleurer
19-Ronnie Carroll - Please Tell Me Your Name
20-Billy Storm - When You Dance

On request of Rocco I also added some French Popcorn songs. Hope he's satisfied.
Take a special note at #07 miss Toni Fisher. West of the wall (see elsewhere on my Blog for an extensive explanation) is a Popcorn classic. Here I present you her own so much wanted and searched German cover Dort In Berlin.

The music link to this 45 minutes oldies compilation (and I hope your reply why you like or dislike it) is in the comment.


Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

'Clickable' links are for you downloaders soooo convienent but the disadvantage is they don't seem to 'last' long.
The Blogger gets a lot of comments 'please re-up'...... Other, more appropriate/interesting comments, they sadly don't get... :(
So you will have to do a little work to get the link.
This seems, in my opinion, the best deal between 'protecting' my links and the least effort for you.

Link :
Of course you understand to replace in r#pidsh#re twice the # in an a otherwise you don't have a 'valid' link !!
Paste this valid link in your browser-url and hit RETURN. You can also copy/paste the link into your 'downloadmanager'.

Pass to extract the file : 080919
The file is a small 40MB, 'cause the songs are only in low bitrate 128kbits.
Please donnut give a nasty comment about that : check 'My opinion about bitrates' on 2008_jan_25.

The next depends, amongst other things, on your security options in your browser and by so the ability to copy/paste the link.
When you see this in Google or Yahoo cache or by my Blog's search function read first the RED instructions at the top left of my Blog !
Direct link (after that go to the plain comment of this 2008_september article !) : JeansMusicBlog
Also possible : just click the 'post a comment' section here and you are able to copy/paste !

....And while you are there you might as well give a comment yourself....
Weer een geweldige popcorn compilatie Jean bedankt en nu op naar de 300.000 bezoekers op je webblog veel succes gewenst.
Ciao Jean,

Bedankt voor de franse popcorns.
Van deze compilatie ga ik heel zeker genieten. Ik kan er nu eenmaal niet aan doen, maar ik ben een popcorn liefhebber.
I miei rispetti.
hi jean,
weerom 45 minuten mooie muziek.Deze 'wild weekend cha cha' lijkt mij wel een speciale versie te zijn. bedankt en die 300 000 zullen wel geen probleem zijn !!!
grts LUC
Yes Luc, it is very different to their hit Wild weekend, let alone to their Another Wild Weekend or the short promo for KB-radio Wild Weekend Theme.
I am dancing, my friend!
Jean - I just found the blog and I love the Toni Fisher songs! Unfortunately, this will just be a 'please re-up' comment otherwise because I have tried to follow the link and even with replacing a's Rapidshare says the file is not found. :( I will keep watching the blog and enjoying the music here in sunny California!
The link is allright. Last Download: 23.10.2008 05:53:14.
Maybe you have added an extra space at the end ?
Jean - thanks. I didn't have the full screen open and I wasn't seeing all of the link. I am downloading it now. I wonder if there are any other Toni Fisher songs in German that were never released. There could be one more at least that would have gone on the other side of Dort in Berlin. Hope you are having a good night!
The German Bear Family label issued a set called 1000 Nadelstiche - Amerikaner & Briten Singen Deutsch.
On Vol 12 - Folk & Pop is track 25 this Toni Fisher - Dort in Berlin.

I don't have another German song by Toni Fisher.
Anyone ???
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