Saturday, October 04, 2008


Sugar Popcorn tastes so sweet tonight

The last days/weeks/months weren't exactly nice on the financial markets.... But you know, when the need is the highest some help is on it's way... POPCORN on Laser radio next saturday will be a resting point to reflect new investments !

For saturday's Popcorn playlist go to LASER radio or the Sugar Popcorn Laser_log_Popcorn page and take a look at the playlist.
Saturday at exactly 20hrs local_CET time (14hrs_ECT time) Theo Dumoulin says : Go Popcorn go ! You can attend live if you JOIN us ! This way you get the internet stream directly in your Winamp or Mediaplayer.
You can also go to the LASER stream page and their stream.

To get everyone a littlebit 'in the mood' here's as usual my (alternative) playlist.
Please note, this is not a normal LP/CD, just some songs gathered from various singles/albums and even old 18cm tapes. I 'follow' Theo's playlist tracks but just use other songs by the same artists. I posted in the past already a lot of todays possible cover Popcorn songs so I compiled some tasty lesser-popcorn here !

Popcorn 2008_10_04 Sugar Popcorn
01-Bob Bellows - Tout Doux, Tout Doux
02-Titus Turner - Miss Rubberneck Jones
03-Brass Ring - The Phoenix Love Theme (instrumental)
05-Georgie Fame - Green Onions (instrumental)
07-Fleetwoods - He's the Great Imposter
08-Billy Butler & Enchanters - Found True Love
09-Bunny Paul - History
10-Arthur Epps - Baby These Are The Things I Need
12-Chase Webster - Moody River
13-Fortune Tellers - Marry Her Joe
15-Marva Josie - I don't care
16-Otis Leavill - Why, why, why
18-Byron Lee & Dragonaires - Watermelon Man (instrumental)
19-Kenny Rankin - Where Did My Little Girl Go
21-Walter Jackson - It Will Be The Last Time
25-Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Adios (My Secret Love)
29-Willows - It's Such A Shame
32-Floyd Robinson - The Art Of Making Love
33-Frontiers - Each Night I Pray
39-Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie - Move Over Babe (instrumental)

You can have 'live chat fun' too if you join us in the Laser Radio chatroom. Theo appreciates questions and will give even more info.
Chatroom info using mIRC (best option : mIRC passed 2008_february the 150 million download mark !!)
Server: IRCnet Channel:
The language is Dutch but everyone can answer in English. Give it a try if you like the above tunes !! But please be there in time, we have just a small room ... :-)

The above chat printscreen is taken at his show #100 in 2003 after all Theo started his Popcorn show on Radio192 2001_october_06, so we have something to celebrate tonight... ! .

Finally, the music link to this 45 minutes compilation is in the comment.


Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

'Clickable' links are for you downloaders soooo convienent but the disadvantage is they don't seem to 'last' long.
The Blogger gets a lot of comments 'please re-up'...... Other, more appropriate/interesting comments, they sadly don't get... :(
So you will have to do a little work to get the link.
This seems, in my opinion, the best deal between 'protecting' my links and the least effort for you.

Link :
Of course you understand to replace in r#pidsh#re twice the # in an a otherwise you don't have a 'valid' link !!
Paste this valid link in your browser-url and hit RETURN. You can also copy/paste the link into your 'downloadmanager'.

Pass to extract the file : 080930
The file is a small 40MB, 'cause the songs are only in low bitrate 128kbits.
Please donnut give a nasty comment about that : check 'My opinion about bitrates' on 2008_jan_25.

The next depends, amongst other things, on your security options in your browser and by so the ability to copy/paste the link.
When you see this in Google or Yahoo cache or by my Blog's search function read first the RED instructions at the top left of my Blog !
Direct link (after that go to the plain comment of this 2008_september article !) : JeansMusicBlog
Also possible : just click the 'post a comment' section here and you are able to copy/paste !

....And while you are there you might as well give a comment yourself....
Ciao Jean,

Waar Jij deze prachtige muziek allemaal vandaan haalt is mij een raadsel. Maar ik weet wel dat ik er nog heeeeeeeeeeeel lang van zal genieten. Een grijze dag ziet er al veel zonniger uit met zo een muziek.
Bedankt voor alles.

Hi jean,
Weerom een ongelofelijke prestatie welke je hier neerzet. En telkens zitten er voor mij een paar onbekende nummers tussen. Hierdoor kan ik maar een ding zeggen "bedankt". Jij maakt ongetwijfeld héél veel muziekliefhebbers gelukkig. Bye the way : nogmaals bedankt voor El Chicano in uw archieven . Ik kende tot nu toe slechts 2 nummers van hen nml: 'viva tirado' en '(se fue mi)chachita'. nogmaals bedankt en KEEP ON GOING.
Another great alternative selection!!
Excellent listening
Hi Jean

Dank u wel voor dit mooi album,jij hebt een goedde keuze van de oldies.
Kan ik weer genietten van jou mooie muziek
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