Thursday, September 11, 2008


Two thousand one, nine eleven

I was at work. Also in the WTC they were at work. The radio news. A plane hit the WTC. My assistant was there a short while before. TV on. We saw the second plane hit the other tower. Unbelievable, it surely was an attaque. Beyond our imagination. Settle differences in opinion with talkings, never violance. Accept another person can view things in a different way. If 'your' truth is the only truth and you act like this you are indeed a terrorist.

In remembrance to those who lost their lives at the World Trade Centre.
But also to those who lost their lives elsewhere in the world to this
same kind of senseless not understandable behaviour/thinking.
Rest in peace.

I think that we all remember where we were on that day, and the disbelief of what we were seeing. My love and respect goes out to the families and loved ones of all who were lost and may their souls rest in blissful peace.
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