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Bob Dylan Theme time radio #78 - Night

Yesterday the third of Bob Dylan's Theme Time radio shows from the Abernathy Building studio B in this third year was aired.
Dylan’s radio series proved a delight. He used his slot to recreate exactly the kind of 1950s radio that was so formative and so much a musical lifeline for the Bobby Zimmerman who was listening to it in Hibbing, Minnesota - a radio era he has expressed his fondness for in more recent years.

Tom Palaima, an Austin Texas professor, sums up Dylan’s intent and achievement here with what he calls Dylan’s ‘warm evocations of old-timey radio’:
‘In each hour, Dylan covers a chosen theme: mothers, fathers, baseball, coffee, weddings, divorce, showing how the common musical traditions of the United States shaped our lives in song and lyric. Dylan's succinct commentary makes the music shine. He is witty, gently humorous, erudite and always reverent about the music he is playing.
We hear the sounds of big band, country swing, rockabilly, blues, rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, Nashville, Motown, Sun Records, Frank Sinatra, the Ink Spots, Bob Wills and Kitty Wells. Interspersed, he gives plainly spoken information about the artists, where they came from, where they went, who influenced them and what influence they had. He recites lyrics, painting pictures of our lives in sound.
Dylan doesn't peddle himself or anything else. No product placement here. Period commercials are spliced in to set the mood. A listener asks on Theme Time Coffee: "Why do you play so much old music? Do you have something against new music?" Dylan replies, "I like new music. But there's more old music than new music."
…Theme Time Radio is hip, but not Tarantino's jaded hip, or William Shatner's self-mocking hip. Dylan respects the music we and he loved. He respects the artists who created it, even lived it.
These shows are so humane, so out of time… Dylan is still protesting. He is protesting our fast-paced, dehumanized present by calling us to gather round the hearth of old-time radio and remember life as it used to be and could be again, if we stop and really listen to it, and to each other.’

Dylan, Bob - 2008_10_22 XM Radio Show #78 - Night
Broadcast on XM Satellite Radio, 22 october 2008
XM radio_Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan

Joe Houston - All Night Long
Dr John - Such A Night
Drifters - Another Night With The Boys
LeRoy Carr - When The Sun Goes Down
Fred Astaire - The Way You Look Tonight
Willie Nelson - Nite Life
Chick Carbo - In The Night
Buddy Holly - Midnight Shift
Zuzu Bollin - Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night
Strangeloves - Night Time
Professor Longhair - In The Night
Latin Playboys - Forever Night Shade Mary
Charles Brown - Black Night
Kris Kristofferson - Help Me Make It Through The Night

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I'm suprised no one has commented here. What a superb show. I am being blown away...but then I spent most of my life waking up ten to twelve years behind the rest of the world...discovered rock 'n roll in my forties..hahahaha. God bless you Jean! We are having hysterical laughs at the adverts on Cruisin..I appreciate radio, and my young son too..but back then we did not have a Terrible Vision thing.
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