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Cruisin' 1962 Russ 'Weird Beard' Knight KLIF

Number eight in my/the small serie of Cruising records. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog.

Prior to 1962, rock and roll, and pop radio, had gone through some harsh years. Since 1959 most of the music had been rather bland. There hadn't been much happening and in '62 there seemed to be a searching for the next "thing." So this was a year the television networks recognized the folkies and made "Hootenanny" one of several regularly scheduled folk music shows. Others had their eyes on California's coastline, where the Beach Boys went on a Surfin' Safari, starting a second "trend." Still more thought the wave of the future was coming from Brazil in the bossa nova beat. While the dance madness (essentially the twist) hung on like a dog to a meaty bone. Nor had the blandness disappeared totally; there are several superb examples of gingerbread left over from the early Dick Clark era in this volume of CRUISIN'.
1962 was many things musically - somewhat exciting (certainly not so boring as '59, '60 and '61), extremely commercial (surf boards, twist clubs, TWO "Hootenanny" magazines), and somehow encouraging, no matter how apparently directionless. It was, if nothing else, a peculiarly "pop" year - a year when pop culture and all its inherent fallout occupied everyone's thoughts.
It was when Herman Taller's "Calories Don't Count" topped the year's best-selling book list. (Although more copies of the "JFK Coloring Book" were sold.) John Glenn circled the earth three times. The New York Daily News sent a reporter to Harvard University to check reports one of its professors, Timothy Leary, was feeding his students unusual drugs. "Lawrence of Arabia" took the best picture Oscar. And the Yankees took the pennant again.
More seriously, President Kennedy faced down the steel industry when it tried to boost prices and later in the year faced Kruschev down, telling him to take his missles out of Cuba, or else. Congress investigated The Fabulous Frauds of Billie Sol Estes. The Soviets orbited two cosmonauts in two spaceships, simultaneously. Francis Gary Powers was returned to the U.S. in history's best-publicized spy-swap. Arthur Goldberg and Brian (Whizzer) White were named to the Supreme Court. And 1,113 Cuban invasion prisoners were ransomed with $53 million in medicine and baby food.
More info about 1962 can be found in the text-file !

Cruisin' 1962 Russ 'Weird Beard' Knight KLIF, Dallas.
Russ 'Weird Beard' Knight resume.
Russ Knight was the "Weird Beard" on the air at KLIF in the early 60's. Real name: Russel Lee Moore. Russ had a degree from SMU in Drama and at one time had the highest ratings ever achieved in nighttime radio in Dallas, a 62 share! Russ was one of the first night jock showmen. He intertwined bits and schtick into his delivery and included requests and dedications from the phone. His was a SHOW! He called himself "the Saviour of Dallas radio".
Russ remained with McLendon after leaving KLIF in 1964 landing the night show on KILT in Houston. In the summer of 1966, Russ and KLIF's night jock Bob McCord traded shifts. Russ came up from KILT in Houston and McCord went to KILT. As it turned out McCord stayed in Houston and the "Weird Beard" was back at KLIF for a while in the summer of '66! Knight did stops in several northern major markets and was heard doing talk radio in the Washington D.C. area a few years ago, and is now living in Poplar Bluff, MO, dabbling occasionally in voice work for syndication.

KLIF News Headlines Soldier Boy - The Shirelles
KLIF Summer Spectacular I Need Your Lovin' - Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford
This Knight's Bullseye Hey Baby - Bruce Channel
KLIF Master Control Let Me In - The Sensations
Skyland Chrysler commercial What's Your Name - Don and Juan
KLIF station ID & KLIF News Story Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler
You'll Lose a Good Thing - Barbara Lynn
Gillette commercial The Wanderer - Dion di Mucci
KLIF E.S.P. promo Flying High in the Dallas Sky Sealed With A Kiss - Brian Hyland
KLIF DJ Trading Stamp promo I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - Barbara George

On the original LP were also Peppermint Twist - Joey Dee & The Starlighters / Johnny Angel - Shelley Fabares / Goodbye Cruel World - James Darren / Locomotion - Little Eva. They were replaced on this CD by What's Your Name - Don and Juan / I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - Barbara George.

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Mark L.
Not knowing any of these names or albums, is GREAT! Always great to venture into the unknown. Thanks Jean...I shall be delving into my early childhood. Eric.
Simply magificent! Thank you so very much!

Greetings from The Rockin' Bishop
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