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DJ Witte 'café den Arend', Willebroek, Belgium

Popcorn lovers can attend a unique Popcornparty tomorrow, saturday in Belgium. Every 6 months dj Witte does a special Popcorn evening for his friends (so free entrance !!), in his local pub den Arend in the small Belgium village Willebroek.
Listen to PopcornCity's Jan v Deijck - SPOT 2008_oct_25 DEN AREND

A picture collage of this informal event 2008_april_26 in Willebroek.

To this special occasion we fly again to Antwerp and use a cab to Willebroek. Who offers a place to sleep or does it has to be a hotel ? You'd be a fool, if you are near, not to go there too and join this private, most intimite, party of the year.
There's for the youngsters nowadys an after party but I present ya a pre-party....

DJ Witte, cafe den Arend, Willebroek, Belgium 20081025
01-PopcornCity_Jan v Deijck - SPOT 2008_oct_25 DEN AREND
02-Ramsey Lewis - China Gate
03-Burt Bacharach - Any Day Now
04-Carmen McRae - Belonging To You
05-Mr Lee - If I Knew Then
06-Hortense Ellis - I'll Come Softly
07-Fabulous Four - I'm Comin' Home
08-J-Funk Express - I've Got To See You Tonight
09-Marianne Mille - Je Ne Vois Que Toi
10-Billy Preston - Let Me Know
11-Hillard Street - Limbo
12-Spirit Of Jamaica - Leaving Rome
14-Kenny Karen - Nature Boy
15-Jim Conte - Promised Land
16-Bertha Colbert - Rain In Lover's Lane
17-Radiants - Washington Medley
18-Al Collier - Who Will Take The Place
19-Benny Turner - You Gonna Miss Me
20-Du-Dua - Cien Kilos De Barro (A Hundred Pounds Of Clay)
21-Benny Troy - I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
22-Colman Brothers - El Nino (Cha Cha Mix)

Ladies, I can understand you wanna 'cha cha' with me, that good looking guy. So write in my ballroom-book which can be found in the comment but be sure to wear solid shoes.... Hope to meet everyone (and more) from the above pictures.


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Pass to extract the file : 081024
The file is a small 55MB, 'cause the songs are only in low bitrate 128kbits.
Please donnut give a nasty comment about that : check 'My opinion about bitrates' on 2008_jan_25.

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Hier ga ik zeker van genieten.

Hi Jean,
just listening to your new compilation on your blog and I must say that it is again a tresor for our ears. I even discover some numbers I never heard before like the version of du-duo of a hundred pounds of clay, Hortense Ellis, and that version of j-funk express. So jean thanks again for these new treasures and KEEP ON GOING.
p.s. I was in blankenberge yesterday evening so I couldn't party in willebroek but your music compensates a lot. thnx
knap ,dank u

Hoi Jean

Bedankt voor het vorige PW

Dit PW 081025 werkt niet op dit album?
Laatste 6 cijfers van Belgium 20081025. 081025 werkt niet.
Alvast bedankt Jean
Hi Rikky,
the filename ends with ....Belgium_20081025.rar

But below that is the pass written.... A pass is never part of the filename.

So the pass is just the 6 digits 081024 (and not 081025)

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