Sunday, October 12, 2008


Eurovison songcontest 1959 Teddy Scholten

Teddy Scholten - Een beetje

'Blue' requested yesterday in the comment about RATO some info about the Dutch winner of the 1959 Eurovision song contest. He is thinking about a guy but it was lady as you can see in this Youtube video ! I will not blame him...
She was born Teddy van Swieteren (1926_may_11) and I believe she originally was a TV announcer and it was more a joke to join the contest (she was asked by the former NTS_National Television Organisation).
In the later years she and her husband Henk Scholten made some TVshows and in 1966 she herself presented the Dutch National Songcontest. They made together some covers of well known songs like Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren & Ron Goodwin Orchestra - Goodness gracious me. Like Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren weren't great singers they weren't either if I remember well. Okay, she wasn't bad, but it wasn't really 'her thing' although they made a good living of it.
Addition/correction appreciated.
The songtitle is 'A little bit' but the lyrics aren't translatable. It is just a simple word game about love.... On the other hand, in just three minutes a little story is told.... The lyrics of the oldies are so much better compared to todays songs...

The link to this song is temporarily available in the comments.

Shame on me assuming 'Blue' is a guy... Made the same mistake... Lol, 'Blue' is a lady. And 'cause I like girls far more than boys I'd better correct it...


Of course you will know by now to replace twice the # in an a.....
jeje...She is a gal but with the name "Teddy". And I'm a gal too and with the name "Blue" ^^
You think about a guy with this name? jeje....
Anyway, thanks
Lol, hahaha....
I wanted to be clever but fooled myself ! And looking at your older comments I should have known, or at least guessed..
Have fun with the song and for the rest of the day I will keep my big mouth closed....
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