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James Hunter - People gonna talk

Tonight at the AB in Brussels, Belgium there will be a concert by James Hunter.
On LastFM I read :
Hunter is a British blue-eyed soul singer whose smokey mellifluous voice has been compared to his influences like Sam Cooke, Georgie Fame and Jackie Wilson. Hunter began his roots music career in the 1980s under the name Howlin’ Wilf. His later solo recordings feature rhythm and blues in the style of the 1950s and 60’s, pitched between R&B, early rock and roll, and early soul. His 1994 solo debut, Believe What I Say, had guest appearances by Doris Troy and Van Morrison, and Hunter appeared on a couple of Morrisons’s mid-’90s albums, as well as performing as part of Morrison’s Rhythm and Blues Revue. Hunter, who jokingly refers to his career as an “overnight success that took 20 years”, is also a skilled guitarist, and writes most of the material on his albums, including his 2001 release, Kick It Around. He released People Gonna Talk in 2006 which garnered him much acclaim and his first stateside recognition in year end top ten lists of major media outlets. His most recent album, The Hard Way, released in 2008, was recorded at Toe Rag Studios in London and includes a cameo from Allen Toussaint. Hunter seems poised for additional career breakthroughs via increased exposure through television and radio, and distribution through Starbucks music label feeding a demand for other retro sounding artists like Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele, who too echo the classic soul sounds from the ’50s and 60s.

Van Morrison : "one of the best voices and best kept secrets in British R'n'B and soul".

Some of my Popcorn friends will attend this 'sold out' concert. Of course they will sing out loud his superb People gonna talk & You can't win..... After the concert they'll go to one of the Popcorn parties in Belgium. To get all a little bit in the right mood here's a nice compilation album by James Hunter.

James Hunter - People gonna talk
01-People Gonna Talk
02-No Smoke Without Fire
03-You Can't Win
04-Riot in My Heart
05-'Til Your Fool Comes Home
07-I'll Walk Away
08-Watch & Chain
09-Kick It Around
10-Don't Come Back
11-It's Easy to Say
12-Tell Her for Me
13-Talking 'bout My Love
14-All Through Cryin'

Conclusion. James Hunter is a modern singer who unapologetically embraces the R&B sounds of the 50s and early 60s. He's developed a sizeable following in the UK for his brand of authentic soul music, which he is now bringing to the US. He found a fan in legendary singer Van Morrison (can there be a better advisor to listen to this guy ??), and ended up touring with him on both sides of the Atlantic. At a time when radio is spewing a fair amount of anti-music, theres a lot of appeal to his work that basks in engaging tunes, soulful vocals and the simple arrangements of guitar, bass, saxophone and drums.

Note a nice concert at AB 2007_november_13 Skatalites + The Aggrolites !!

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Hi Jean ,
Just listened to your latest add on your blog (James Hunter). And yes he is a great blues musician with even some ska influences from time to time(carina, ....). I am still looking for his second solo album KICK IT AROUND released in 2001 but looking at the official website of him( it seams to be sold out. So perhaps you or one of the musiclovers on your blog could give me a tip where i can still find this record.
So thanks anyway and KEEP ON GOING.
bye the way: i'm from belgium so don't send me over to the U.K.
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Hi JeansMusicBlog,

On behalf of Exile Productions and Exile Publishing, many thanks for plugging Van Morrison and, for your readers’ info, up-to-the-minute news on Van’s latest album - Keep It Simple - and 2008 shows is, of course, available on and and, for a limited period, you can still see Van's exclusive BBC sessions at . We’re also pleased to announce that an increasing archive of exclusive film footage of Van Morrison performances has now been made available for fans on Exile’s official YouTube channel at .

Thanks again for your support.


Bloody amazing !
It's people like James Hunter that
keeps the faith alive.

Thanks for the download and congratulations on your blog


Motiff8u8, Nottingham
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