Saturday, October 11, 2008


RATO went back to the fifties 10

I like listening to old music and making compilations for ya all.
Last weeks I just had time to listen. I hadn't much time to work on my Blog due to the 'financial crises'.
So many people still don't know what it's all about. So sad, just being greedy. Too high mortgages, too many loans, two cars, three holidays... Yups... I want this and that and I want it now. I am entitled to have...
Saving an apple for a rainy day ? Never heard of...
I wanted to write about my family portfolio but will not do. You will not like my 'positive' status. So lemmie just tell ya I can sleep very well and find the whole thing very interesting... A lesson to all, not just those bankers...

In them fifties life was so easy. We played with 'nothing'. Made ourselves a soccerbal. Were satisfied and very happy with a new pencil for school.
Of course we had wishes. If it wasn't fulfilled next month maybe the next annual quarter and if not who cares. It was nice to have wishes. Untill today I don't want to have all the music I like. I still like to have wishes....
We cared for each other. We talked and helped.
Today, I wrote it before, human mankind is selfish. Just wanna have, gready.
Even a nice thank you, let alone some more words, are too much for those who downloaded my links. They (you ?) don't care about the time involved.
For a long time I am thinking about stopping. Read and reread my simple short Next shots on Lucky Luke. I can imagine the same goes for many other Bloggers.

I suppose you all will find this too much bla bla again.
You just wanna have music and for the rest : Blogger f*ck off, I can use my precious time in a better way than to give a one minute comment.....

Today, not my compilation but one from 'RATO Records'.

As he says : Já há mais de 7 meses que esta coleção tão apreciada pelos mais "velhotes" não aparecia aqui pela toca. Ok, agora que ela regressou, e em força, fica a promessa de a verem chegar rapidamente à primeira dúzia.
Pay him a visit at RATO Records Blog: BACK TO THE FIFTIES 10, come back to him and give this fine Portuguese lad some feedback.

HI Jean,

Just read your new ads from today on your blog. And in fact I totally agree with your statement. People today are too much hurried and just wanna have more and more for less effort. They are too selfish and don't even think about the effort someone like you has to do to keep his blog alive. I must admit that even I sometimes don't take the time to give some comment on your blog when taking one or another compilation but from time to time i think about it and I know that reading some comment from time to time will do some good . So everyone who reading this when you feel concerned in this just give from time to time a comment on this blog. It only takes a minute from your soooo precious time and perhaps it will keep the blog alive . So Jean thanks for all the good stuff and KEEP ON GOING.
p.s. hopelijk is mijn engels niet al te slecht.haha
hi Jean

while i am running through the history of Eurovision Song Contest.
i noticed at 1957, there are a Dutch called Teddy Scholten sang his Een Beetje & won. But Wikipedia only hv two sentence about him.
Could you please tell us more about him?
Thanks for your continuing efforts, and thanks for the link ro Rato Records Blog.

Brian in Canada
Never was a truer word spoken
The world is a very different place today
its all money money money and the self
hi jean it's me again ( keld from copenhagen) To me the "crises" of today is just a small problem about money but all the other crises like food problem the global weather, co2, div."small" wars over political or religion, problem with the youth use of weapons to end problems All that can only be our own fault With our's i mean it's us who have educated ours childs (who now is 30-40 years ) to think only about themself and don't care about others or the world we all live on. BUT i feel that our childern is changing on there way of educate there own childern to take the world's problem up and find a way to deal with all the crises So there is in my humble mind a light at the end of the tunnel We was called the '68 generation, we protest!! but see where it's end when we had the power ? in the world
but what has this to do with music ? ( our's 50-60's music was much better than it's today basta) or as my mother says (born 1914) the music in the '30-40's was even better than ours !!!!
see you around
yours keld
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