Monday, December 15, 2008


Widget 'Be the first to rate'

Below every post you have the opportunity to give a rating to every article.
I like that.
I don't like the provider of this free widget (Outbrain) without any notice (well maybe to registered users which I was not...) suddenly added more internal and external links 'you might like'.
They are related to what I wrote, so not at all articles. At first glance it seems not commercial and maybe interesting but still...
So I consider to change or even remove this option.
What is your opinion ?

Jean hi - I'm the CEO of Outbrain. 1st - thanks for using our widget!
We did enable recommended links on your blog recently, and think it provides your readers with a great user experience.
However, if you prefer not to have those links show up, you can easily turn them off by registering at, and turning off recommendations in the blog settings.
Doing this will revert the widget back to a ratings-only mode as it was in the past.
If you have any further questions or feedback, the best place to get in touch is on our support forum:

We hope to continue serving you and your readers in the future!

Hello Yaron,
thanks for the prompt comment, appreciated.
Registering was the first I did yesterday.....
I will make up my mind in the near future how to act.
Have a good day,
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