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Carolyn Hester and Bob Dylan in 1961

Quite a while ago I told ya about the famous Midnight special sessions by Harry Belafonte and Bob Dylan. I told ya also about Bob Dylan's first ever official recording with Carolyn Hester. Last week I got a comment over there.
Time to 'complete' things.

Bob Dylan time line 1961
After performing at the Cafe Wha? on his first night in town, Bob continues to play in Village coffeehouses using the name Bob Dylan. Before long he receives his first paid gig at NYU's Student Center, then as the support act for John Lee Hooker at Gerde's Folk City. He performs at Carnegie Hall to a sparse audience of 53 people, mostly friends. He plays harmonica on Harry Belafonte's album Midnight Special. While playing harmonica at a session for Carolyn Hester at Columbia Records, Dylan impresses producer John Hammond, who signs him to a five-year contract. His debut recording, entitled Bob Dylan, contains two original songs and an assortment of blues and traditional covers.

Releases Including Guest Appearances by Bob Dylan
Midnight Special (Harry Belafonte) - RCA LSP 2449 (1962) (harmonica)
--Midnight Special
Carolyn Hester - Columbia CL 1796 (1962) (harmonica)
--I'll Fly Away
--Swing And Turn Jubilee
--Come Back Baby

This Carolyn Hester recording session
New York City, New York
Columbia Recording Studio A

Carolyn Hester - Guitar & Vocal
Bruce Langhorne - Guitar & Fiddle
William E Lee - Bass
Bob Dylan - Harmonica

Produced by John Hammond
01_02-Swing and Turn Jubilee (trad) / 03_07-Come Back, Baby (trad) / 08_09-Los Bibilicos (trad) / 10_11-I'll Fly Away (Albert E Brumley) / 12_16-Unidentified
03, 04, a splice of 15 and 16, and 10 or 11 released on Carolyn Hester _1962

Carolyn Hester interview 1992_may_24 about her, Bob Dylan and this recording.

Are you still with me (and clicked the links ?) or did you slipped it ?? Well, the LP.
Carolyn Hester - Carolyn Hester 1962
01-I'll Fly Away
02-When Jesus Lived In Galilee
03-Los Bibilicos
05-Dink's Song
06-Swing And Turn Jubilee
07-Once I Had A Sweetheart
08-Come Back, Baby
09-Dear Companion
10-Galway Shawl
11-Probre De Mi
12-Virgin Mary
Alternate takes :
13-I'll Fly Away
14-Come Back, Baby

The price of this album ? Not really expensive. An example I found on the internet.
CAROLYN HESTER Self-titled Columbia CS8796, 1962. ex-/ex+ $45.00
Orig 6-Eyes label stereo with orig Columbia insert. With BOB DYLAN, harmonica - his second time on wax, and the session where he was discovered by John Hammond! Bruce Langhorne & Bill Lee also accompany. In beautiful condition - looks unplayed! I would have given it a m-; but just in case... A bit of edgeware and small back cover tear.

A priceless mp3 sample can be found in the comments.

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Pass to extract the file : 081122
The file is a small 35MB, 'cause the songs are only in very low bitrate.
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....And while you are there you might as well give a comment yourself....
Being a fan of 60s Dylan, I've heard of CH for a long time, but this is the first time I've actually been able to hear her.
to be brief, she's well worth the wait - up there with Baez & Collins.
Big thanks for coming up with this one, Jean.
Best wishes for the New Year, and, most importantly, keep on blogging!

I downloaded the archive file but it wants a password to un-zip it.
Can you please tell me the password?

Read again the first comment...
Thanks ever so much, I've loved this album since I was a child and the quality of yours is far superior to my vinyl rip.
Thanks so much. My record is way too scratchy. A pleasure to hear it again.
Thanks so much!!! Carolyn Hester's version of Dink's Song is basically my favorite and it's one that I've had some trouble finding in whole.
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