Thursday, November 20, 2008


End of Year Merit Award (2008)

Lately I told ya all about the possible Blog retiring of my dear friend BinkySpoons. He can recieve any moment his 8 million bucks.... Well, he is not the only lucky guy. Just minutes ago I got this e-mail.

End of Year Merit Award (2008).

Ref: CLUK/475061825,
Batch: 7056470902/138 and
Serial Number: 7937/16

We are delighted to inform you that your EMAIL Account has won you £500,000 GBP from the City Lotto program held in London.
You are to contact the claims director with the fellowing:

Claims Director: Mr. David Newton

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Ian William.
I suppose it has something to do with the email-adress of my humble Blog. A great honour and of course I will accept that prize. Agreed, less than what Binky gets but I am satisfied. For the rest of my life every day Vette or Kriek beer. I'm already searching the internet for a nice house in Hawaii. I wonder how many ladies will contact me now. We'll leave the rain over here and start a Popcorn dancingpub over there !!!!

You deserve it Jean, but don't forget your old friend,

(retired) teacher Holland.
Dear Mr Jean

We are the Dutch Ladies national football team, we are currently thinking of moving to Hawaii and need someone to be our trainer and help us in the shower after games.
would you be interested in the job??
Also you get free beer served by us
Yours truly
The Dutch Ladies Football Team
Sadly we have lost all our shirts and have to play topless, we hope it is no problem.
Dear ladies,
in the past (long, long ago...) I was for one year a soccer trainer and my team reached a promotion. So a 100% score : I am really good...

No problem topless playing (I did so many times myself on eg the beach). I'm an expert in personal training btw.

I'll keep your nice offer in mind but I have also something else in mind.

I read this week in the newspaper a Belgium (unemployed...) guy became father for the 28th time (lives with three ladies).
I have two children and immediately said elsewhere I wanted to make that ten. But the ladies over there doesn't seem capable anymore (age, medical...) of helping me. Maybe we can help each other (in the shower or elsewhere).

We'll keep in touch !
__Your loving (already..) JD.
Sorry, let's keep it professional.
Yours truly, JeanDupree

Ehh... where's my rollator, I need to go to the toilet the third time this morning...
My Dear Jean
I am so thrilled for you , now you can persue your dreams living in the sun, drinking beer and being looked after by large bosomed ladies.
Strangely myself have still not recieved my 8 million dollars yet from that nice Mr Umbongo, although I have had a letter from my bank saying i now have insufficeient funds in my account, which I am puzzled by, especially after I sent him £20,000 as a deposit for 'transfer fees'.
When I get it however I shall jion you in your new home
looking forward to it-
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