Monday, November 24, 2008


Everly Brothers - Bye bye love

One of my first articles on my Blog was about a quite unique LP For Everly yours.
I found out internet and blogging is a nice thing. I'm also 'present' on other sites. One meets people, although not physically. My son plays poker on the internet for small amounts of money, just for fun. Poker is about bluffing... It's not ment for me. I like to be sure/certain. No gambling. Mailed with a professional poker player (well, she says she is). I am a kind of big brother also and I learned yesterday she's, like me, a fan of the Everly Brothers.....
So to 'bluffin' grandma Barbara an Everly Brothers video. Maybe she's forgotten the difficult lyrics. So for her a karaoke version.

Everly Brothers - Bye bye love

Hi Jean,

Merry Christmas (am I too fast? hehe..) to you & yr family

Azul de HK
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