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Grumpy's Golden Oldies Top20 2008_11_19

Grumpy's Golden Oldies is a personal website and is run by enthusiasts of historical pop music, for the interest of other enthusiasts, on a non-profit making basis. The objective is to introduce you to forgotten artists and songs.
So go to Grumpy's Golden Oldies and check the main-page. By the way, 'the site is best viewed with a bottle of scotch' (or gin.... as long as it is above 35%..).

Please, first read the rule-DETAILS (no simple requests like Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There) and just songs older than 25 years !! Write 'Artist - Song Title' with the first letter of each word capitalised in that order and without mistakes. It's easier to search.
Requests can be made in the GUESTBOOK and the songs can be found in the THE MUSIC IS HERE. Easy enough but please participate also in finding old songs !

Yesterday some problems occured with the guestbook (and not for the first time) so today a new guestbook is installed. To celebrate the new guestbook here are some songs which have been found lately and fit a littlebit in 'our' genre of oldies.

Grumpy's Golden Oldies Top20 2008_11_19
01-Andrea Carroll - It Hurts To Be Sixteen
02-Bob McFadden - Dracula Cha Cha
03-Brook Brothers - Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week
04-Conway Twitty - Hey Little Lucy (Don'tcha Put No Lipstick On)
05-Dick Glasser - Jeannie's Bikini
06-Gerry Granahan - Too Big For Her Bikini
07-Jeanette 'Baby' Washington - Let's Love In The Moonlight
08-Keith Colley - Enamorado
09-Little Joey & The Flips - Fool, Fool, Fool
10-Micki Marlo - Little By Little
11-Milt Buckner - Let Me Love You
12-Narvel Felts - Honey Love
13-Ron Goodwin - Kill Or Cure
14-Shirelles - (Mama) My Soldier Boy Is Coming Home
15-Six Teens - Stop Playing Ping Pong With My Little Heart
16-Sunny & The Sunglows - Talk To Me
17-Temptations - Isn't She Pretty
18-Vic Damone - Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
19-Weavers - So Long (It's Been Good To Know Yuh)
20-William Bell - Never Like This Before

More info in the comment section.

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Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

'Clickable' links are for you downloaders soooo convienent but the disadvantage is they don't seem to 'last' long.
The Blogger gets a lot of comments 'please re-up'...... Other, more appropriate/interesting comments, they sadly don't get... :(
So you will have to do a little work to get the link.
This seems, in my opinion, the best deal between 'protecting' my links and the least effort for you.

Link :
Of course you understand to replace in r#pidsh#re twice the # in an a otherwise you don't have a 'valid' link !!
Paste this valid link in your browser-url and hit RETURN. You can also copy/paste the link into your 'downloadmanager'.

Pass to extract the file : 081119
The file is a small 40MB, 'cause the songs are only in low bitrate 128kbits.
Please donnut give a nasty comment about that : check 'My opinion about bitrates' on 2008_jan_25.

The next depends, amongst other things, on your security options in your browser and by so the ability to copy/paste the link.
When you see this in Google or Yahoo cache or by my Blog's search function read first the RED instructions at the top left of my Blog !
Direct link (after that go to the plain comment of this 2008_november article !) : JeansMusicBlog
Also possible : just click the 'post a comment' section here and you are able to copy/paste !

....And while you are there you might as well give a comment yourself....
Ciao Jean,

Zoals gewoonlijk wordt hier weer een pareltje afgeleverd.

Thanks Jean... You know I can't get enough! (of your music).. ;p

Milkshake Mademoiselle
This is the first time I have downloaded from you. However I have visited many times to read the musical information you provide and also have found many other blogs through your wonderful efforts.
I will return many times to sample the great music you have here.
Do you have a request section, items that you are looking for? If I can help in any way, I will be most delighted to do so.
Thanks Slackjack.
I don't have a request section. I have enough music to have fun with and I like to have wishes unfulfilled.......
But thanks for the offer !
Hi There !
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This chat has mods and anyone that causes trouble gets kicked out. So you can actually kick back , relax , enjoy good conversation , meet some new really nice people , enjoy great music and not have to worry about the crap that goes on like in OTHER chatrooms !

I'd love to have you come in meet you , and if you like it , tell your friends that theres a new place to hang out without all the traditional chatroom drama ! Hope to see you there !

All my best
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