Sunday, November 16, 2008


Only six weeks to go ?

In the header of my Blog I wrote 2 1/2 yrs ago : Will it survive two years ?
I wanted to learn about the internet. I wanted to learn about Blogging. I changed a lot of the original chosen template of this Blog. Testing/developing my brain.
I reached my goal to get at least a few dedicated regular visitors in two years. A few ? As of today over 225.000 visitors came to my humble blog.
The number of visitors increases but my personal fun decreases.....
I wanted to stop 2006_december. I expressed my concerns about my Blog's future. I postponed the Lucky Luke article since 2007_december several times.
I suppose 99.90% of you (....downloaders...) don't 'run' a blog.
I'm thinking why am I writing this ? Stupid me. I seem to have a wrong kind of expectation of mankind/visitors like you.
I just changed the dates of the dec_31 articles to dec_15 or so....
Only six weeks to go ?

Heeee, a new Blog : JeansMusicBlog - no moderated comments..... just in case....

Very interesting read,,,,,,,,,,,,
My thoughts are similar( except I am 2 years behind you!!)
225,000 visitors!!! WOW thanks fantastic, and YET how many have actually left you comments or thanks for all the great stuff you post???
In the scale of things, very few.
I can never understand people some times, no appreciation of the time involved in doing all this.
I hope you continue my friend, BUT i see your point, if the fun is fading, then..............
Myself , I can see going "private" eventually, it takes up more time than I thought it would, plus like you quite a few visit, hardly many comment.
Binky ( binkyspoons Blogspot)
Hi Jean ,
Hopelijk ben ik aan het hallucineren en is uw artikel gewoon een grapje ala Binkyspoon (zie gisteren 17 11 08op binky's blog) of zit je gewoon in een dipje (lol). In ieder geval hebben wij al heel veel kunnen genieten van je prachtige artikels en hopelijk kunnen we dat nog lang verder doen. Alvast bedankt en KEEP GOING.
Yours Didier aka Badmutti
Ciao Jean,
Ik weet ook niet wat de mensen ervan weerhoud om op zijn minst een reactie te plaatsen,maar weet wel dat er ontzettend veel mensen zijn die jou harde werk toch wel weten te waarderen.
Ik alvast kan jou niet genoeg bedanken voor al de prachtige muziek die jij ons keer op keer bezorgd.
Ik hoop van harte dat jij er nog heeeeeel lang mee doorgaat.
Bedankt mijn vriend.

Jean, I am sorry to see that you may be closing this site down soon, but I can understand why. You must spend hours on the site and it can be thankless.I used to work in pharmacy and I found the more I did for certain peuple in my own time the more they expected (without even thanks). But on the other hand I found a lot of people who were the direct opposite. Your site has been very informative and also gave me an opportunity to hear some music I haven't heard before or haven't heard for a long time. So thanks for everything and I wish you the very bert for the future,
Regards Ray
it's all grab and go ain't it Jean?
That's why I stopped mine....
Thanks for the hard work!

I don't agree but understand a littlebit why youngsters nowadays are 'grab and go'.... Must be todays behaviour/attitude....

Let's face it. THEIR today's financial crises is the result.....
Not MY financial-crisis. Personally I even made a positive profit this year....
Not my children, although I warned them many times.... Short sighted.

Isn't there a saying 'Save an apple for a rainey day' ????

So sad the 'grab and go' attitude, as you say, even seems to apply to the/us majority of the elderly....
Greedy, greedy...

Thanks for your comment !

Not really be on the site for a few months, but have enjoyed your blog tremendously, it brought back a lot of memories of long forgotten bands/singers. I came late to your blog but found it to be one of the best to suit my musical taste. I will be sorry to see you go but if you are no longer enjoying it then you must stop.

As you said many times before a simple thank you goes a long way, but to some that is too much. You are a true gent and will be missed. Enjoy your time, better spent doing something that makes you happy.

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