Sunday, November 02, 2008


Long live Rotterdamrebels

Indorockersparadise didn't survive last fridays Halloween and closed freely its doors today. But no panic, Rotterdamrebels ressurected on Indorockers graveyard.

So for oldies in general, Popcorn and a lot (and when I say a lot I do mean a lot...) more pay him a visit !

Hi Jean,
Great thanks for given us the link to Ruud's Rotterdamrebels Blog. And indeed it's worth to pay him a visit. I think every musiclover will find something he likes on that blog. And again it shows that you're not a selfish guy. Musiclovers are helping each others. But anyhow your blog is (and that's my personal vision)still the best in information and in variety. So KEEP ON GOING and in the name of all those who are still selfish and forget to give sometimes a comment A BIG THANKS and CIAO CIAO.
Yours Didier aka Badmutti
thanks for the link. This is really a great site with lots of popcornmusic.

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