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Cruisin 1963 B Mitchell Reed WMCA, New York

Unfinished bussiness......

Cruisin' 1963 B Mitchell Reed WMCA, New York

Side One:
Opening Theme (HAND CLAPPIN' - Red Prysock)
Easier Said Than Done - The Essex (2:08)
WMCA "Good Guy" Sweatshirt Winner Announcement
& B.M.R. "Bell Ringer" intro
Sally Go Round The Roses - The Jaynettes (2:38)
WMCA "Good Guys" Song
He's So Fine - The Chiffons (1:53)
1963 Dodge Commercial
Twist & Shout - (1962) Isley Brothers (2:33)
Green Acres Promo
Baby It's You - Shirelles (2:40)
"Name It And Claim It" Winner
It's My Party - Leslie Gore (2:19)
WMCA Station I.D.

Side Two:
Walk Right In - The Rooftop Singers (2:32)
Litter Basket public Service Song
Hey Girl - Freddie Scott (3:04)
B.M.R. Correspondent's Report
Denise - Randy & The Rainbows (1:57)
WMCA "That's The Way To Spend Your Day" Song
Mama Didn't Lie - Jan Bradley (2:02)
1963 Rambler Commercial
Hey Paula - Paul & Paula (2:25)
"Musical Love Letters" Contest Winners
Louie, Louie - Kingsmen (2:24)


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I can clearly remember 11/22/63. I was in Art Class and there was an announcement that the president had been shot. When I left school, I went to my grandmother's house, which was on my way home, to see what was going on. I learned there that the president had been killed. A very sad day. I hope we don't see that happening again.

Many many thanks for B. Mitchell, Jean.

Mark L.
Thank you for the albums this far. Five more to go, right? (I hope so, anyway.)
@Mark L.
Yes, anyone alive will remember.
I came back from dance-school... I (almost) never use bad language, but than I did. When I came home my mom told me Kennedy was shot the moment I used those words. Strange feeling.
It was a time of hope with Kennedy as is now with Obama.
Let's hope there will not be again another 'lunatic' and may God lead Obama in his very difficult task.

Yes 1964 / 1968. So I still will have to use the 'new year' for my unfinished bussines....
Honest words and true, Jean.
I'm just discovering your site and I see that it's about to close ! So sad ... I only have the "cruisin' 55" in vinyl and I was curious to discover the following records... Thank you very much. In that kind of records I suggest you (but I'm pretty sure you know it !) the CD "Red hot and Blue" that compiles fabulous moments of Dewey Phillips in memphis radios from 1952 to 1964(Memphis Archives publications). Pure joy !
Thanks again,

The Coolerator
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