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Cruisin' 1968 Johnny Dark WCAO, Balt, MD

Unfinished bussiness......

Cruisin' 1968 Johnny Dark - WCAO, Baltimore MD

Side One:
Johnny Dark - WCAO Intro
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
60 Calling Promo
Double Mint Gum Commercial
WCAO Promo
I Wish It Would Rain - Temptations
Jack Edwards Promo
Spooky - Classics IV
Make It Or Break It Promo
WCAO Promo
Cry Like A Baby - Box Tops
Weeper Of The Week
Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
Johnny Dark WCAO
Carling Black Label Commercial

Side Two:
Angel Of The Morning - Merrilee Rush
Girl Watcher - O'Kaysions
Gene Creasy Promo
Wink Soft Drink Commercial
Midnight Confession - Grassroots
Love Child - Diana Ross And The Supremes
I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
Johnny Dark WCAO Promo


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Hey Jean,

Thanks for turning me onto Bob Dylan's THEME TIME HOUR on BBC Radio 2 - ... I'm listening to the 20th December

broadcast and the theme is Tears. Really some groovy blues and soul, and Dylan sharing

history and tales as per his usual styles. I had no idea but he has been busy with this

since 2006. (Checking back I see you were putting up links to it, but have pulled most of

them down, no harm...) I'm using my Audacity to record via my computer microphone,

though I think I would be better off catching the show on my radio and recording it in

good stereo. I am so eager to get a back catalogue of all the shows, ... it sure beats the

rubbish that one has to put up with on the radio during the day. Inevitably I flip to

Classics and switch into melancholic I am looking fwd, first to getting my tape

fixed and second to find a way to record straight from BBC on my computer. (wink) This

1968 Cruisin is sure going to be an education, but not nearly as much as the ten years

earlier recording, which was while I was 'rockin' in my cradle'...and knowing my dear

Mother, the radio would have been playing as she loved what made one to ROCK!

Counting down, we are almost at Christmas, buy, buy madness at the

moment...I noticed you are getting some hits for the Beatles Christmas stuff...I know I

am going to definitely blog sumtin about Santa and his sleigh...hear it comin!

Peace and goodwill,
Many thanks, as always, Jean.

68 -- A pretty bad year. I remember standing in the band room, looking forward to finally being a high school senior, when the word came that RFK had dies. Not a real fun time, but its great to hear the music again. My wife and I really enjoy listening to XM Radio's 60's channel, it somewhat like the Crusin' series.

Your hard work is sure appreciated here in frigid (10 degrees, but dry) Ohio (10 toady...54 on Wednesday...perfect Ohio weather!)

Mark L.
Jean, Thanks for the wonderful 68 CRUSIN post. I can still remember listening to JOHNNY DARK while crusin in my 66 chevy

Bill L. Baltimore,Md.
Eric, I just did send you some interesting links regarding Bob Dylan.
Many thanks for posting this fine series, Jean. I am sorry to see your fantastic blog close, but respect your decision. Best of luck to you, and again, THANK YOU.

Chi-Town Bill
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