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John Mayall's hard road in 1967

One of the commenters wrote about the British blues scene when he still lived in the UK, so here's some British blues as part of my unfinished bussiness....

After Eric Clapton left the Bluesbreakers to form Cream, Peter Green played guitar on the following record and pretty much shocked everyone by being every bit as good as Clapton (maybe even better) ! With Aynsley Dunbar on drums and John McVie on bass, aided at times by a terrific horn section, with John Mayall on guitar, harmonica, organ and piano, this group turned out one of the best of the British electric blues albums.
Later on Peter Green left the Bluesbrakers to start Fleetwood Mac where John McVie joined him.

When I was 15 I made my debut in the first team of my soccer club. For several years I was topscorer of the whole region (about two goals a match..., not bad). Was asked to join a professional club. Never did. Always said I had to thank my fellow players, my friends at the time, and meant that fully. (Social) Fun was more important than the money. Never regretted my decision.
One of them became a judge and had to say justice this year in a dispute I had with the government.. Lol ! He had to say justice in the past about issues concerning Gilette razors, Heineken beer and so on. About millions of dollars/euros. And now he had to decide about 150 square meters property...... Lol, a double lol. He didn't decide in my favor (I still think because of the given poor evidence by my lawyer...), but that's ok with me. Always behave sportslike, accepted it. Keep bussiness and private apart. Memory or old friendship must not suffer by such a thing.
In them sixties, when I also studied at the university (I'll be ahead of you : I got my degree and in a minimal time), we never listened to the usual pop or flower power stuff but always to psychedelic and blues music like this.

John Mayall & Bluesbreakers - A hard road _1967
01-A Hard Road
02-It's Over
03-You Don't Love Me
04-The Stumble
05-Another Kind Of Love
06-Hit The Highway
07-Leaping Christine
08-Dust My Blues
09-There's Always Work
10-The Same Way
11-The Super Natural
12-Top Of The Hill
13-Someday After A While
14-Living Alone

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Thanks, this is really epic archive genuis. Good on yer Jean.

It's kind of magical or mysterious, or both, when I think of Peter Green, I automatically think of Duane Allman; both were so young and just so gifted at playing the blues with soul, and with great technical ability.

In '75, my late teens while I was learning to be a 'sparky' (morse code), a fellow trainee was listening to 'Samba Patit' by Carlos Santana on the radio. Within minutes he was bending and following note for note. His name was Lloyd Ross, who formed 'Shifty Records.' Gifted some, others have to work really hard at copying. (smiles)
I really hope you reconsider and keep this site going...It's fantastic
Just gettin' into the blues. Don't really know much about this one but am going to try it. I've got a lot of stuff from you in the past. I certainly hope you don't close up. Thanks for everything.
Thank you for sharing this!
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