Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Mel & Kim rockin' around the Christmas tree

Last year I did post some Christmas albums with, in my personal opinion, nice oldies. I didn't plan posting any this year.... As said last month I intend to close my Blog 2008_dec_31 and I still have some unfinished requests/promises to deal with.

But a simple Google search will provide you enough interesting sites. In the left collumn I placed last week a new (Captaincrawl) Search feature for Music Blogs. I promise ya it's worth to try it.
On the superb RotterdamRebels Blog you'll already find a lot of Christmas albums in our beloved oldies style.....
The meanwhile famous UK guy with the stiff upper lip Binky Spoons picked some expensive Popcorn Christmas 45's from his attic and is already recording them....
Reasons enough to assume you can do without me this year.......

Keld from Denmark requested in the (Chatango)shoutbox at the left the very funny Youtube video Mel (Smith) & Kim (Wilde) - Rockin around the Christmas tree.

Mel (Smith) & Kim (Wilde) - Rockin' around the Christmas tree

just thanks my good friend for the rotterdam rebels link, what a great site, Mrs Binky will enjoy the yuletide songs!!!
I doubt tho that all of us out here could do without you though, it would be like having no beer !!!!!!
Still the number one blog for musical treats.
I raise my glass ( 20 0r 30 times) to you
may all your cakes be chocolate ones.
Binky Spoons
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