Wednesday, December 17, 2008


OLDER BLOG : 'S Marvelous Distro

Interesting logo, isn't it ? Intruiging one might say...

About "'S Marvelous Distro"
All records posted are from my personal collection and are digitized by me. I am trying to share this old world of forgotten music with the new world of digital. Be curious, download something strange, and fall in love with something old, which to you will be something new.
Updates will be three albums every Sunday. And maybe some extras sprinkled in.
Annie D. is the name of the fine lady who runs this Blog. I am a guy and my Blog is really a mess. Her Blog is so nice cleaned... A pleasure to read. For you a pleasure to download. Pay her a visit, tell her how you came to her and what you think of her musical taste. You will be polite.. to keep a lady happy you will do everything, won't you ?

Oeps when I am with a nice 'madammeke' I always lose my mind and do or say the wrong things.... I forgot to tell ya her adress : 'S Marvelous Distro.

You cannot say I didn't help you to get new homes after I closed my home over here in a few weeks....

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